Early this morning Zackary and I skipped breakfast at home and instead walked to the local Italian restaurant and Italian food shop. We hadn’t decided for sure which restaurant we would go to, Zackary wanted to check out the Thai food or the sushi restaurants but since it was early morning they were closed. We kept walking until we went to Ben’s recommended restaurant Villa Rosa. As soon as we walked in we noticed that the people were speaking Italian, the food was italian and we had a little piece of Italy.


They waitress came for our order, Zackery sweetly asked if he could have lemonade. Hey this was our special date, of course he could have lemonade .. I found out later that lemonade is not what we think lemon, water and sugar but it is a carbonated drink! Oh he was a little trickster! But that was OK with me, I love spoilin those little kids.

This is Italian roast coffee. It’s strong and dark, I will be sure to bring Don here when we come back. IMG_2363

This is a called the British breakfast, where we might have pancakes, eggs and bacon here we were served eggs ( they didn’t ask my egg cooked preference but the eggs were cooked perfectly over easy) the beans were a highlight for Zackary but he said GiGi’s were still even better. The meat was very good, I have never had sausage or bacon taste so good! They brought us 8 pieces of artisan bread. Zacakry and I left very full and satisfied. Mmm good.


I had an interesting experience in the restaurant. It seemed this is a very popular spot and there appeared to be “regulars” on this Saturday morning because it filled up with middle aged people greeting each other. I met Allen, he is a grandpa that was sitting next to us. I broached the British keep to yourself rule and asked him about how much people tip in the UK. He told me that they tip very little if at all.  Then we chatted for about 10 minutes, it was a lovely chat. As conversations do, the subject of God came up and it wasn’t me that brought it up …  he mentioned that someone upstairs was protecting him, pulling the strings in his life. I mentioned that I love God too! He asked me to tell him more about it so I explained how the Lord Jesus had come into my life and taken me from the emotionally crippled sinner to living a healthy life with a loving husband and family. He was intrigued and continued to tell me more of his experiences with God. We finished with some chit chat and then I left. I pray the Lord will draw Allen closer to Himself.



Zackary and I went to the grocery store. I liked it. It was very nice, it had everything you could want. It was clean and fresh.



The carts have a spot to hold your bag and your grocery list AND there is a calculator. IMG_2371

You can see here they call candy – confectionary. I have been told they also call them sweets. The children are steered clear of calling them candy, because that term is so … American.  (A little bit of snobby snob there)

Here are some of the popular cereals. IMG_2373



This looks like a parking lot to me but here in the UK it’s called a car park. IMG_2376

Here is where you get your -TYRES –

Lucy and I had fun trying on some hats. We look like we are ready for a royal visit. As a surprise to me, folks don’t wear hats all the time here. They generally dress nicely but just regularly. Just like you might see in any big city. I also had the wrong notion about tea time,  they don’t have tea and crumpets every afternoon. Mostly, people drink coffee. That was a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping for the afternoon tea society but I guess it’s just in literature. They do have “Tea” but it just stands for a snack time. IMG_2379

We met the nicest woman at the handmade chocolate shop. She runs the store herself and the chocolates and other candy’s are really good. Today as we were making a purchase a man came in and took some boxes away. Turns out it was the shopkeepers husband but Lucy was concerned and she told the woman that a man was taking her boxes, the woman chuckled and told Lucy it was her husband but then opened one of her cabinets and brought out a bag of chocolate pieces and gave a large one to Lucy. Lucy’s face lit up and she was thrilled. She ate it contentedly. IMG_2387

The mile marker from the 1700’s says “10 miles from the standard in Cornhill London” Imagine the guy on his horse using this mile marker and others like it to measure his distance.

Lucy and I are adding our postcard to the royal mail letter boxIMG_2389


Ben brought home some euros from Barcelona. IMG_2391

And here is our little sweetie pie .. who is currently the family favorite. And she is too, her brothers and sister are thrilled with her. IMG_2395




God is omnipresent. God is everywhere—in and around everything, close to everyone. “‘Do not I fill heaven and earth?’ declares the Lord.”

—Psalm 139:7-12