Yesterday a handsome young 7 year old asked me if I would like to go out on a date. Totally charmed, I told him yes, I would. Henry the visionary, knew exactly what we would do. He planned that we would go the pastry shop, then the Pandemonium toy store followed by a time of reading at the library. 

Here is my date in front of the local toy store. 


Inside the toy store I found this useful bit of advice. IMG_2149

I went to a charity shop, a thrift store. There are several of them on the high street – the main street. 


I found a lidded heavy ceramic bowl that I can use to make fermented vegetables. I paid 5 pounds for it. In our thrift stores we would expect to pay a couple dollars but I haven’t been able to find this type of bowl so I did my wild spending and bought the bowl. In our money I actually paid about $8.00 for it. I know Elisa would have found it for half that but she’s just that good at thrifting.

Me and my date in front of the local pastry shop. 


As we walk home we pass this lovely front garden. It’s so nice I wanted to show you. 

Back home again, notice .. no door knob, just a spot for the key.


We got home and these two were pretty excited about the Lego set we got at the toy store, they played for hours.IMG_2158

 Saw this at the pastry shop, it’s a minced pie.

What is that, I wondered,so I bought one for 40 pence. 


This is the inside, it’s like a raisin pie. 


We enjoyed pastries and tea with our fall decor, Henry’s paper pumpkin and Elisa’s candy corn. Those colors are not celebrated here like in the states. IMG_2163

A happy day in London.

God is Jehovah-jireh. This name means “the God who provides.” Just as He provided yesterday, He will also provide today and tomorrow. He grants deliverance from sin, the oil of joy for the ashes of sorrow, and eternal citizenship in His Kingdom for all those adopted into His household. 

—Genesis 22:9-14