The Proffesor and his wifeWe were as excited as two kids, it was the first day of school. The professor and his wife.

This early morning picture shows us ready to start the new school year. I am facilitating the physical science lab with Don keeping me on track. Don is teaching advanced algebra.

Don is enjoying his math class. He is using The Life of Fred textbook and so far seems to think it’s pretty good.

Our physical science lab is a lot of fun. We basically get to play with God’s creation. We start with atoms and by the end of the book we will have been out into the universe and back home again.

Before class we set up the experiment at home, here we are are observing molecules breaking down while other molecules are being built up. experiment 1We are part of Veritas , a homeschool enrichment program.  The students are attentive and ready to learn. The parents are supportive and in the case of science lab SO glad someone else is putting it all together for them. Our class is busy with a lot of hands on learning  and to make learning more fun we watch fun learning videos like Eureka! from the 70’s. We also learn a lot of vocabulary, we listen to songs like THIS and we learn about the periodic table. It’s a busy morning.

Veritas on Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. Thankful for our time with each other, the kids and their families and God’s really cool stuff.