What a blessed time in London. It was such a fantastic trip, so memorable, so heart filling it’s hard to express it in words. 

The day came for me to pack up my suitcases and hit the sidewalk to the bus. There we were, Kimberly and I rolling suitcases down the sidewalk, 6 am (ish) It was almost comical, here in the US you struggle to get your bag ALL THE WAY to the car in the driveway. In London, pulling a suitcase is a common sight. BUT, most folks are more experienced than I am. They had smaller bags with the wheels that swivel. I had one of those HUGE suitcases AND a travel suitcase AND a backpack as well. I was Rookie traveler. We muscled those onto and off of the bus, then onto and off the tube. Kimberly is such a capable traveler, she knows how to get anywhere in London. We arrived at the airport, I hugged Kimberly, my very heart, goodbye and I began my journey home. Bittersweet. So glad to be going home but hating leaving the ones I love behind.


 I followed home the sunrise, here it is above a sea of clouds. 


When I landed in Boston I had a pathetic Starbucks that I LOVED! It was just like I like it. It wasn’t international or organic or healthy but it was YUMMY! AND, I was a citizen. I was where I belonged, where I am home, where I understand what the people are thinking. I was told so many different things about English attitudes I just wasn’t sure how to fit in. IMG_2471
The weather in Boston was a little threatening. Fortunately, after a bit of delay we were able to get on the plane. When I landed my suitcase was icy wet. None of the wonderful gifts inside were ruined. 


1024px-2008-07-30_RDU_welcome_signAfter, golly, I don’t even know how many hours from 9 am London time to 5 pm NC time – could it have been 13 hours? I don’t know for sure, cause of the time change. It was a LONG day though. 

I was happy to see Don at the end of the hallway. My sweetheart. And guess what I found when I got home?? Beautiful roses. 

IMG_2518When we made it back to Burlington Benjamin was here, David and Elisa came later. It was a happy reunion. I got out all the treats and we ate the AMAZING English food I brought home. Happy, Happy.

So thankful that I got to hug that London family, see those precious grandchildren and now back home. I am looking forward to the next London visit! I hope it’s not too far in the distance.

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. Psalm 47:1