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A Great Surprise Today

It started earlier when I was doing my 40 Days in the Word lesson, the speaker recounted a story that made a big impression on his life, it involved hamburgers, french fries and stepping out in faith, trusting God to provide.

The speaker was praying and the Lord impressed upon him Psalm 81:10 “Open your mouth that I may fill it.” By faith, and a little bit of humor, he opened his mouth up to the Lord and said, “Yes Lord, please fill it “Not a minute later he had an unexpected friend drop off two hamburgers, fries and a drink.
Haha! That story made an impression on me.

Today I was out the dog park with Don and Joy. It was our first attempt and I was really scared. Joy and I don’t know how to manage other dogs, I was afraid Joy would be emotionally scarred for life and turn into a loner dog that would never get along with others. (Vain imaginings). When we first got there it was empty. I was glad of that. Joy had a chance to investigate the place and become familiar. After a long while it got boring and Joy was at the gate to leave. I wasn’t quite ready to go because I knew she needed some more exercise, especially since yesterday a rain day and she was in all day.

I remembered the verse the Lord had showed me today “Open wide your mouth that I may fill it” So I did. Just like the speaker in faith and a little humor, I opened my mouth and asked the Lord to fill it. I prayed and asked if He would bring a nice dog for Joy to play with so she could get the needed exercise and the social time. 

Here was the exciting part.

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Puppy Joy, Weeks 7 and 8

This little sweetheart has charmed us with her sunny personality.

At this point in her development I was still worrying. By now I had read many articles online, and listened to Cesar Milan. They all had in common this advice, “BEFORE you get your puppy make sure she has had her proper socialization with her mother and littermates, find a puppy that matches your lifestyle, a medium energy level dog. Find out about her parents, what is her breed, her general temperament.”

I sighed.

We were WAY past all that. All I knew I got from the shelter – lab mix. Her papers said she and her abandoned litter mates came from a trailer park. She was still so young that she nursed as she slept.


During this part of her development she was very busy running, playing and also biting everyone. She was intent on going out to see everything. She was curious and careless, also a bit of an oaf, often tripping over her own feet.

She was very sensitive though. She would just lay on the floor near the heater vent and just look at me. She would often look at my face, as if waiting for instructions. But, I had already given her instruction .. QUIT BITING!
She loved to cuddle. When she was half asleep she was very gentle and sweet. She had adopted us and was at home.
Potty training was a major concentration at this point. We stayed with the principle that every time she awakened we took her out. We have a spot in the back yard, we had put it there for Daisy, it’s a fenced, overgrown corner that has been designated for dog business. Every couple hours we were taking her out. It was long and tiring. Just like a little baby we had to get up at night. Night after night we would be awakened by her whining, stumble to get dressed for nighttime cold, unzip her black travel crate and be greeted by a happy, sweet, hand biting puppy. Out we would go into the night. With a flashlight, we would wait till she was done. AND since she was still battling worms, we had to keep everything picked up .. at night.


Her first puppy visit she was tested for worms, she had them all. She was malnourished even though I had given her chicken breast and white rice, cat food, dog food, eggs, cream. Anything I could find that she would actually eat. She was a mess, a true pound puppy. She got her first series of shots, a bag full of anti worm meds and words of caution to get her on a proper puppy food.


Continual cleaning and training. I read strong instruction to stop her biting. There are 100 different methods on how to stop your dog from biting. One really important bit of advice that stayed with me was

As a pet owner we wanted to be assertive, not aggressive. 

I really liked that because at this stage we still didn’t know her temperament or breed, leading assertively would reduce puppy aggression. She is not a robot, she is a living creature with a mind of her own, be it a dog one, but she still has her own will. We could have slapped or hit her, we could have handled her roughly, which I am sad to say, out of frustration I had done on occasion, we consistently told her no, put appropriate biting items in her mouth and praised her. That was a constant battle. There were many times that I would hold her down, not angry but firmly. Sometimes, she would be out of control biting me and growling aggressively. I would try to hold her down, she would continue to fight me and I would hold her down using my upper body. (Being careful about too much weight on her) I wouldn’t get up till she was calmed down. I would tell her “No ma’am! You may not bite”  Don and I both had to do that several times. She started getting the idea that she was not in control here. We are.

IMG_1707Look at her sweet face. She is a dollbaby, her fur is soft she has bright eyes and a joyful disposition. That’s a picture of her with her new doll.


She still had her puppy breath and endearing, audible yawns.
We are thankful for her and continuing on the journey of Joy.


Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13


Joy, 6 weeks

Week by week, our early adventures with Joy.

6 Weeks October 23 2014 After much praying we think we had found the new member of our family. Bringing her home we found that Joy was sick when we got her, and in an ideal world she was also too young to be separated from her litter mates. We have learned that the social structure of the puppy litter and their mother teaches the puppies how to be in a pecking order which makes for a properly socialized dog and the last few weeks in the litter the puppy is able to transition from mama’s milk to hard food. When we got Joy, she didn’t know either, how to be social or how to eat out of a bowl. It took her days to get the hang of eating. We gave her milk and raw egg, she ate some of it. I tried cooked chicken breast with mushy white rice, she didn’t eat that. She went at least 4 days eating small amounts, also, she was slow to drink water, she acted like she wasn’t familiar with it. We gave her kefir, she actually liked that, at least enough to eat small amounts. It was rough going at first. She had horrible diarrhea. I was on the internet looking up all the different conditions. I read more about dog poop then I EVER cared to know. For instance, hers was yellow and that meant chances are there was a worm infection. We tried several ideas to help solve the problem at home. We used OTC worming medicines, they didn’t work. She was a poor little thing.


Additionally, as we were caring for her physical needs, we were told she looked liked she could be a pit bull. That worried me A LOT. I love having kids around and I was strongly concerned that she would be dangerous. During these first couple weeks I had spent HOURS researching different aspects of possible pit bull traits. I looked at probably hundreds of pictures and different web sites trying to get a handle on the possibility of her being a pit.Two things came of it.

1. Many people tried to reassure me that pits are only dangerous when they are raised that way. Not convinced, I was still afraid, I had heard too many stories of how a pit just went berserk and mauled children, it was too much of a risk.

2. Cesar Millan loves his pit bulls. Problem there is that I’m not anywhere near as cool as Cesar Millan so my dog would never have all the great training, hence, that apprehension was still there. One thing Cesar said that made an impact on me was for me to keep in order these perspectives .. first she is an animal, then she is a species, then a breed and then my pet. That was worth thinking about.

3. I was happy when I went to the pit bull breeder in the neighborhood and he said “Yeah, I guess she could have some pit bull in her” HA! I was glad! That meant pit was not her primary breed.

Back and forth I went. Worrying, reading, praying. Over the next few weeks she grew enough for us to see that she could be any number of dogs. We came to the conclusion that she is a MUTT. I was relieved and happy. I could relax.

There was one interesting thought the vet told me though, she said she rarely sees pit bulls with bad attitudes, that they are not biters, instead, she says small dogs are constantly biting. The difference is that when the small dog bites it doesn’t do much harm but when the pit bites it does a LOT of harm and that is why it is so publicized. I am so sad to hear the horror stories of people being hurt by dogs that suddenly SNAP! According to my research every single breed of dog has been known to snap and go crazy. That’s the animal part Cesar talks about. Dogs can be dangerous and need to be supervised, they are animals.

Be smarter than me, learn about puppy life BEFORE you bring one home. If you are going to get a rescue shelter puppy, likely they will have some pit bull in them somewhere, in fact, like our little pup, they will have a variety of many different breed traits. By adopting a rescue mutt, it’s a gamble, no one can tell you what kind of dog you have. They will have to grow up and then you will see. It’s kinda like getting a present, you don’t know what’s in the package until you open it.

Sure are cute though, kinda steal your heart  <3 IMG_1576

Psalm 47:1

O clap your hands, all peoples; Shout to God with the voice of joy.


Thanksgiving was extra special this year. Since I was fresh off the very long plane ride our wonderful family all pitched in and made our meal. 

Benjamin had his first attempt at making a turkey. He’s a smart man, knows how to read directions, we were looking forward to seeing how the turkey turned out. 
IMG_2482Thank you, Elisa for putting together our appetizers. imageElisa made almost all the side dishes. David made the pies. They are a good team. IMG_2489We got a little cray cray putting together our special dinner, it manifested its self in a variety of ways. 

Benjamin’s turkey looks BEAUTIFUL! Not only did it look good, Benjamin tried the upside down baking method and that caused the white meat to be very moist. Yum! Bravo! Benjamin.

Just about to sit down, turkey and ham, brussel sprouts, salad, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mashed potatoes (made by Don) The flavors were wonderful! 

IMG_2506That evening we watched Home Alone, an old family favorite. Thankful and contented we ended this Thanksgiving holiday.





Welcome Joy

I knew I wanted a baby puppy; I prayed, asked for prayer, then looked and looked for one. I had my heart set on a dog that would be a sweet angel, that would be a blessing to all who knew her. I knew for sure that a goldendoodle would be just that, and if not a doodle then maybe a wire haired hound. Pricing those spectacular pups changed my mind. $1,000 or more for a puppy shocked my system. If I spent $1,000 or more on a dog I could never relax. With Don’s whole hearted agreeance, I decided on a pound puppy.

I searched the Burlington Animal online animal shelter every day or maybe even lots of times each day. Till finally the day came when I found a litter of baby puppies available for adoption. Lab mix brindles. How cute!

That very morning I put the pet carrier in the car and went to the shelter.

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 6.56.41414 PM

 Although it was horribly loud in the kennel because of the the dogs barking echoing off the concrete walls and floors, I found the Burlington Shelter nicely kept; the people are friendly, it’s clean and they seem to take good care of the animals.

I was allowed to go inside the cage of the puppies, it was pretty long, maybe 10 feet, divided by a concrete step to make two sections. Their raised bed was on the on the other end of the cement floored kennel. All the puppies came over to meet me, the visitor; I chatted with them for a few minutes, gradually, all but one lost interest. One stayed behind, sitting quietly right by my feet. I left the cage for a minute, on returning all the puppies came to greet me and again, they all lost interest but the one little girl, she parked herself at my feet. Her shelter name was Candy. (Sounds sweet)

I took Candy outside to get to know her better. We visited for a bit, she stayed close by me, even laid her head on my chest. Here is a picture of Candy and I getting to know one another. You can tell I might be already smitten.


I sent pics and a video to the family and heard back from Benjamin and Elisa, I gladly received a – go ahead.

I paid the shelter (minimal charges, great deal) then put her in her animal carrier.

With a happy song in my heart, Joy and I left her past behind and drove to her new life.

First stop, pet shop. Got puppy shampoo.

Next stop, took her by Elisa’s work and got a second sight approval.


Then came Peter, he was holding out for further investigation.

Lastly, but most importantly, Joy was approved by Don.


She is now part of our happy nest.


Joy, about 6 weeks old

Psalms 16:11

You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy;

In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

– See more at: http://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Joy,-And-Human-Experience#sthash.YDk8NfwG.dpuf