Using cucumbers, sea salt, garlic, a grapevine leaf and spices I am happy to report that I have successfully fermented the cucumbers into pickles. IMG_0207It took about two weeks in my airtight crock pot.

IMG_0435The Pickled cucumbers were crunchy and flavorful. The dill and the garlic added great flavor.

IMG_0436And they look pretty in their bottle. I made fresh brine, added back the garlic and grapevine leaf and now they sit in the refrigerator. They are good for several months.



I am learning about fermentation because I like the idea of using what the Lord gives us in abundance, and by fermenting we can prepare it and keep it close to it’s original state. My rule of thumb is to try to eat the food that is the closest to the hand of God.

If you would like to try this recipe I found it on this site ..