Kimberly packed an afternoon snack, biscuits and brie


I got to ride the double decker bus. Turns out the double deckers are just regular buses. When we road on the bus the school children, about middle school, let out and filled up the bus. It was fun to listen to all their British chatter.

The view from up top IMG_2002

This is before the students joined us. IMG_2012

There are so many beautiful alleys. The light was low but this is a common thoroughfare it shows a pretty alley. IMG_2014

The McDonald’s that I have seen have been small and low key. I want to try a hamburger to see if it tastes the same, I will let you know.

This is the Richmond Green, the placard said this is the historical area of jousts. So the kids and I had sword fights. It was fun. IMG_2018

Sunset on the Thames. IMG_2019

High fashion in the shops. IMG_2021

This is Whole Foods. There are several food bars, here is the cupcake bar. They all look yummy! But there is no food sneeze gaurd. IMG_2024


A great big pan filled with baked chicken. IMG_2028

These are just some of their everyday food choices. IMG_2029

TIMG_2030These are part of the salad bar, grilled vegetables. Mmm, they looked good. The food here is really good. Using natural ingredients is common. The foods are all non GMO – the food is very flavorful. IMG_2032

These are merengue cookies.


Here is a random pic, this is the key to the house. It’s really pretty and as I have walked around I see door after door with no door knob. Folks just let themselves in with the key.

This is the wonderful firplace that I get to enjoy in the evenings in my room. IMG_2039

This is Joy. Don sent a pic from home. She’s bigger even since I have been gone. She has been making a lot of friends since I have been gone because Don takes her with him. IMG_2040

This is our trip today.

This is the cool dude, Zackary. He’s being a little silly because he knows I am going to send the pic to Uncle Benjamin. IMG_2041

The local mailman. Kimberly says you get mail from different sources all through the day. IMG_2042

We traveled to Buckingham Palace today, the place was crowded because it was the changing of the guards. We got to see some of it. If you come to London be sure to get there early cause there are a LOT of tourists. IMG_2047


IMG_2052 Part of the golden gates. Very pretty. IMG_2053


I liked this pic because it shows all the taxi’s coming to pic up the tourists that were watching the changing of the guards. IMG_2061


Here is a cute face that brings a smile every time you see her. She and her mom are fantastic travelers. Kimberly straps her on and away we go!

TIMG_2064his is the lock that opens the gate. It’s pretty.


More guards IMG_2075

We found the nicest park right outside the palace. Old see saw, fun wooden toys. It was full of kids. IMG_2077


Everything is international in the city. We heard seveal languages. Particularly, British, French and German. There were a lot more Asians in the city part of London and a fair representation of the Middle Eastern and Indain. IMG_2083

Our lunch was simple and good. Artisan bread, apple and cheese. Mmm. IMG_2085

This is where the children ate their lunch. IMG_2087

Just having fun. IMG_2096

Fall and winter pots don’t have the oranges we are used to. This is a beautiful potted planter that is rather typical.

Big Ben! How exciting!


I got to see the red phone booth!


Westminster Abbey. From the 1500’s IMG_2107

Parliament. IMG_2112

Then home again with this young man. He is so smart. He knows his way in and out of the busy, busy city. He knows how to hail a bus too. IMG_2113We were so glad Ben came home! We went to a local pub and had smooth, good tasting beer. IMG_2115

They served water at the table in this pretty decanter. IMG_2116Penelope was so happy to see her dad again.

IMG_2119Thankful for such a good day.

Psalm 103:17

But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children—