Thanksgiving was extra special this year. Since I was fresh off the very long plane ride our wonderful family all pitched in and made our meal. 

Benjamin had his first attempt at making a turkey. He’s a smart man, knows how to read directions, we were looking forward to seeing how the turkey turned out. 
IMG_2482Thank you, Elisa for putting together our appetizers. imageElisa made almost all the side dishes. David made the pies. They are a good team. IMG_2489We got a little cray cray putting together our special dinner, it manifested its self in a variety of ways. 

Benjamin’s turkey looks BEAUTIFUL! Not only did it look good, Benjamin tried the upside down baking method and that caused the white meat to be very moist. Yum! Bravo! Benjamin.

Just about to sit down, turkey and ham, brussel sprouts, salad, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mashed potatoes (made by Don) The flavors were wonderful! 

IMG_2506That evening we watched Home Alone, an old family favorite. Thankful and contented we ended this Thanksgiving holiday.