In London there are a LOT of people going to all kinds of places. For the most part I found London to be very friendly, it’s lovely. 

I also find signs of encouragement sprinkled throughout, here is one I found on the bus. What a good word. IMG_2274

We walked across the Blackfriars Bridge today. It was cold and windy but the excitement of walking around so much history almost makes you forget about the cold. Here is an old silent film about it ..


Hello theater friends, I thought of you as I got closer to the Globe Theatre IMG_2278

Here in London when you want something you fancy a bit of it. 

I was within 5 minutes of the Globe Theatre but sad upon sad, we didn’t make it. Maybe next year. IMG_2280

This razor sharp glass building is called the Shard, presented in 2012 it’s the tallest building in London



Another word of encouragement but this time painted up high on a brick wall. 

Here we are entering an older part of London. IMG_2286

This market has been here for hundreds of years. They sell the most fantastic foods. IMG_2287

The Borough Market celebrates 1000 years of existence. 1000 YEARS?! What even is that? What has even been around that long? I can barely conceive this. IMG_2288

Got a pic with my little cutie. IMG_2289

I wish I could do justice to the food system here. Everywhere you turn the food is authentic and whole. They had pictures of the farm on the walls, I asked about the butchering and they adhere to the standards of  humane treatment of animals. 

This is a great pic showing that they are selling the chicken carcasess for soup stock. IMG_2291

Same meat vendor. Wow. He is dead. Kinda gruesome but it’s what we eat.IMG_2293

The big stack of eggs. PrettyIMG_2294

Beautiful meat pies. IMG_2295

I bought one today. I am looking forward to eating it. IMG_2296

The fish vendor. The fish was fresh and I thought it would be so fun to have access to such fresh fish all the time. IMG_2297

Here is our beautiful KimberlyIMG_2300

This vendor sold olive oil from southern Italy. IMG_2302

This is for you, Elisa  <3

Aww, she is just a bundle of sweetness! 


Breads IMG_2308

Bountiful IMG_2309


Olives from Italy, sold by an italian. IMG_2312

IMG_2313 IMG_2314

Lots of love for her. IMG_2315


For lunch we had falafel wraps and ate in the churchyard  of Southwark Cathedral. As we ate I heard the church bells ringing. I can imagine year after year the bell calling worshipers. 


Here is a restaurant sign displaying their specials. I don’t even know what they are! It would be fun to go in and try it though. 

This is a restoration site. What stood out to me was the variety of stones and bricks. How many years, how many different uses? 

We walked along cobblestone streets IMG_2322


We took a bus to Covent Gardens. It’s a festive market and entertainment area off of DRURY LANE!

Christmas time. Live music, good food, fun shops.IMG_2326

A magical toy shopIMG_2328



Hand crafted IMG_2333

Christmas! IMG_2337

A tiny building among the big buildings 

The kids used my phone for the ride home .. 



What a busy day we had. I got to babysit tonight. We had dinner, read a story and then watched my fall favorite Charlie Brown’s story of the Mayflower and Thanksgiving.


Thanking God for a wonderful day. 

God is Jehovah-shalom. This name means “the God of peace.” We are meant to know the fullness of God’s perfect peace, or His “shalom.” God’s peace surpasses understanding and sustains us even through difficult times. It is the product of fully being what we were created to be.

—Judges 6:16-24