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Which Movie?

Today is October 17th. The weather is crisp, the leaves on the trees are still green, I have my can of pumpkin because I hope to make pumpkin bread soon.

Sometimes life feels terrific and it’s easy to be happy. Other times life is moody, sullen and cloudy. Today is a happy day. Hallelujah!
For a few weeks now I have been battling that bad mood. It’s so puzzling, at one phase in my life I am close to the Lord, He and I are tight. Then other times the cloud comes and I get lost. I forget to look up to see the Lord, I forget that His hand is right here with me all the time.  My Bible reading gets diluted. I read the Bible but it’s like my brain isn’t hearing it.
I’m not afraid of those times because I know I will come back around, and most importantly, I know that God, our Savior is Faithful and He is always there. Alternately,  the change to the sullen, dark mood is like getting a charlie horse while trying to run a race, it’s painful and slows me down.
Does anyone else ever experience that? Continue reading

Tips and Tricks That Cause You to Feel Defeated

I am looking around my house trying to find something that would represent the victory in my life because of Jesus.
I’m looking … looking …

Hmm, I see the clutter, I see my wall frame needing improvement. Umm … the spring decorations are still out, it’s October now. My neck hurts because I haven’t done my strengthening exercises.

There are some good things I can see, I have my Bible that I love, my tea in a cup from my sister from another mother, Chris.
I am looking, looking …  but my eyes keep seeing what is undone and not finished.

But, Oh, wait! After I take off my “Martha, Martha, you worry about many things” glasses I am seeing the family pictures on my fridge that my wonderful children arranged for me. That is so nice. Taking off those glasses gave me an opportunity to remember the good and change what I perceive.

Oh man, those Martha glasses are back on again. That’s when the worry, fretting, anxiousness come back. Sigh.
Those Martha glasses are quick to get back on.  Continue reading

Fervent Prayer

Prayer to God

Hope for change

Power through understanding

Truth is the bottom line

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This morning I am wearing my thick socks because the floor is chilly.  I look outside and I see the ground outside is saturated with rain. There are puddles, wet leaves, and broken tree stems scattered under the trees.

The changing of the seasons. It’s a truth you can’t argue.

God spoke truth from within Himself.

In the beginning, God createdsaid, saw, and affirmed His creation.

Truth is ancient, older than time itself. Truth has been here from the beginning and it’s here now.

Where is truth in your life? Your life, like gravity, is affected by the truth every moment of every day.   Continue reading

Bad Dreams

I had bad dreams last night, no surprise, I often do. What was hard was the heavy spirit that loomed over me like a dark cloud upon awakening. In my dream I had let down several of my dear friends, they were very disappointed in me and  I wondered if I had lost my spot in our social circle.  Continue reading

Essential Oils

From the beginning of time God has given us what we need, plants to eat plants to restore health. He made everything good.

With His wisdom, He is so smart that not only did He create Adam and Eve He had the future in mind. He placed them in a world where everything they needed for healthy living was right at their fingertips. He created man’s body to be fueled and sustained by plants.  As we look around at this world that He made we can find the treasures He placed here for us.
For instance, peppermint. We can eat it, boil it for tea, distill it for an essential oil. Continue reading

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