Been Five Years

Has it only been 5 years? It seems like a really long time ago that our baby got married and made us the Happy Nesters. Our four children are happily situated and independent so that gives my mind time to remember when we were first married when it was just me, him and the dog. Those are happy memories.

Back then we were young, horribly immature and broke. Let’s compare, what has changed? We aren’t young, we do have a little more maturity and there are a few bucks in the bank. What was that span of time between then and now? Was it all a dream?

I am recreating my life – again. Golly, that gets tiresome. We live in our small and affordable home for about 10 years now. I have a million things I’d like to do to make it better but as I consider actually doing those things I am content to sit, drink my tea and not spend the time and money.

For instance, as of right this minute, I sit in our private but small back yard. Looking past the weeds and trimming, I see the honeysuckle and recognize it’s sweet perfume as it fills my garden space with free essential oils. The weather is perfect this time of year, the humidity is low and the mosquitoes haven’t found me yet.

There are piles of To-Do in my house, and I have a family dinner to prepare for tonight. I have a several hour meeting this afternoon and still need to grocery shop, and yet, I sit here and type.

I have learned that things get done and if they aren’t perfect, things still come and go. My idealism has learned its place and that gives me peace, but I haven’t yet mastered the art of pacing myself. I still grab as much life as I can, spending my currency of time like a drunken sailor. I love being with people, it fills my spirit.

I know what will get the house clean, I will invite the ladies over for tea. Now that will put a fire under me to get moving, well, it will at least motivate me to clean up my piles. In fact, I have been meaning to have a few ladies over so we can play my Pride and Prejudice Game.

My tea is finished, my watch just reminded me I have a meeting and I’m hungry for lunch. Those will be my next steps. I will get those groceries on the way home, make dinner and open our nest to a few of the birds that will be coming for a evening visit.

This five years of being Happy Nesters has brought me to a good place.



  1. I like the idea of it being back to “me, him, and the dog” and thinking about how much God has healed and grown you guys. You lead a lovely contented life!

  2. “Grabbing as much life as I can” – that sounds about right! So glad I’ve got you as my mom 🙂

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