The Wedding


On November 19th at 4:15 PM Benjamin watched his beautiful bride- to- be walking towards him. As he was watching her, I was watching him. My little guy, that little charmer that holds my heart was now all grown up.
He looked so handsome. He is tall, slim and stylish. His curly black hair is thick and soft, he has man whiskers that help me remember that he is no longer my little boy but a grown up man. As she walked closer and closer his eyes were soft and moist.
That tender heart of his has been captured by the love of his life.
Finally, together at the altar, I knew they would be together forever, he didn’t take his eyes off of her.
She is his sweetheart and I am confident he will love her with his whole heart.



Benjamin and I had our mother son dance. I loved it, we had been planning it for years, we danced to the Toy Story song You’ve Got a Friend in Me.

It was a wonderful moment and we had fun.

This marriage is the beginning of a whole new family. By God’s good grace we will pray for them daily, we will support them in their journey and we will continually point them to the Lord because it’s by His wisdom a good, strong house is built.



  1. What a beautiful couple! Congratulations!

  2. Loved this mom! (I liked watching Benj too – lol – he’s adorable)

  3. Red, a symbol of love and passion, is a fitting color for a wedding celebration, while pink, depending on the shade, is perfect any time of year.

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