Today is October 17th. The weather is crisp, the leaves on the trees are still green, I have my can of pumpkin because I hope to make pumpkin bread soon.

Sometimes life feels terrific and it’s easy to be happy. Other times life is moody, sullen and cloudy. Today is a happy day. Hallelujah!
For a few weeks now I have been battling that bad mood. It’s so puzzling, at one phase in my life I am close to the Lord, He and I are tight. Then other times the cloud comes and I get lost. I forget to look up to see the Lord, I forget that His hand is right here with me all the time.  My Bible reading gets diluted. I read the Bible but it’s like my brain isn’t hearing it.
I’m not afraid of those times because I know I will come back around, and most importantly, I know that God, our Savior is Faithful and He is always there. Alternately,  the change to the sullen, dark mood is like getting a charlie horse while trying to run a race, it’s painful and slows me down.
Does anyone else ever experience that? Continue reading