Tips and Tricks That Cause You to Feel Defeated

I am looking around my house trying to find something that would represent the victory in my life because of Jesus.
I’m looking … looking …

Hmm, I see the clutter, I see my wall frame needing improvement. Umm … the spring decorations are still out, it’s October now. My neck hurts because I haven’t done my strengthening exercises.

There are some good things I can see, I have my Bible that I love, my tea in a cup from my sister from another mother, Chris.
I am looking, looking …  but my eyes keep seeing what is undone and not finished.

But, Oh, wait! After I take off my “Martha, Martha, you worry about many things” glasses I am seeing the family pictures on my fridge that my wonderful children arranged for me. That is so nice. Taking off those glasses gave me an opportunity to remember the good and change what I perceive.

Oh man, those Martha glasses are back on again. That’s when the worry, fretting, anxiousness come back. Sigh.
Those Martha glasses are quick to get back on. 

Victory in Jesus – a song of victory. When singing this song my whole perspective changes.

Do you remember this song? I wish we sang it in church more often.
We have an enemy that wants us to live in defeat, but Jesus wants us to live in victory. In the book Fervent, I was reminded of the evil schemes that try to keep my mind looking out of those Martha! Martha! glasses, to see the unfinished and the clutter, to see defeat and frustration instead of the rich blessings that surround me.

Here, from Priscilla’s book are a few of his strategies, not exactly as she had written them but close:

  1. The evil culprit seeks to dim our interests in spiritual things. Prayer, singing, fellowship – keeps us TOO BUSY.
  2.  Tempts us to direct our frustrations towards other people or even God. Someone making you mad, or hurting your feelings? The real enemy is evil, not the person. 
  3. He magnifies your insecurities –  Think you can’t accomplish anything? Think you are unliked? Think it’s all too hard? 
  4. His strategies are against your families, creating chaos, restlessness, and divisiveness.
  5. He has a tool that keeps our past mistakes in the front of our minds, accusing and reminding us of our failures.
  6. He amplifies the fears and anxieties that play out in our minds. 
  7. He tries to tempt us toward certain sins, convincing us that we can withstand it and the consequences aren’t real. 
  8. He tries to overload our schedules beyond God’s calling for our lives.
  9. He tempts our mind to remember old wounds, to linger in bitterness
  10. He creates division with the people of our lives, our church, our neighbors, our friends.

Wow. OK, that is a strong arsenal and I see where I am afflicted. How about you? Do any of those evil strategies steal your joy and make you forget about your VICTORY IN JESUS?

The Bible tells us we can and should live in victory. Every day we awaken we have been loved, treasured, lived and died for. The King of the universe is here with us. When we know that right beside us is our Father that is overall. It’s funny how the schemes of the devil shrink in size.

The truth is in God’s Word. I like how the Bible says the


That verse shows the power and majesty He deserves. He’s not our buddy or pal. He is the Creator of all things and we are loved by Him. We can call Jesus our friend, it says so in the Bible, but let’s call Him friend with respect and admiration. With God being all-powerful then we can understand why it’s possible to believe what He tells us through the Bible.

Here is a list of Bible verses that show us what is true. I found this pic on  the internet.
As we read the verses let’s be sure to pray them to the LORD, our God that is right here with us.



  1. Kimberly Belchak

    October 12, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    yes! Victory in Jesus! The victory is in ‘not’ feeling defeated, right? Thanks mom!

    • Thanks, Kimberly! No defeat! The Lord is at the helm and He is trustworthy. As a mom you have a BIG job, I’m remembering the verse that tells us the shepherd cares for those with young. That’s YOU ❤️

  2. Thank you Mary. Love this!

    • Hi Christine, thank you!
      It’s a great book.
      It’s full of right thinking, and its not proclaiming there is a demon around every corner – although there might be, but that doesn’t matter because our Lord is the winner and we are under His wings.
      Lots of ((hugs)) to you

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