I am looking around my house trying to find something that would represent the victory in my life because of Jesus.
I’m looking … looking …

Hmm, I see the clutter, I see my wall frame needing improvement. Umm … the spring decorations are still out, it’s October now. My neck hurts because I haven’t done my strengthening exercises.

There are some good things I can see, I have my Bible that I love, my tea in a cup from my sister from another mother, Chris.
I am looking, looking …  but my eyes keep seeing what is undone and not finished.

But, Oh, wait! After I take off my “Martha, Martha, you worry about many things” glasses I am seeing the family pictures on my fridge that my wonderful children arranged for me. That is so nice. Taking off those glasses gave me an opportunity to remember the good and change what I perceive.

Oh man, those Martha glasses are back on again. That’s when the worry, fretting, anxiousness come back. Sigh.
Those Martha glasses are quick to get back on. Continue reading