Bad Dreams

I had bad dreams last night, no surprise, I often do. What was hard was the heavy spirit that loomed over me like a dark cloud upon awakening. In my dream I had let down several of my dear friends, they were very disappointed in me and  I wondered if I had lost my spot in our social circle. 

Lately, I have been learning more about the spiritual darkness. It started by watching the show Strange Things, the part where the teacher explained that we are all on a timeline together but the other world is just on a different side of the line, like the side of the bottom of it. Then I have been reading Fervent, a battle plan of prayer against the evil. Don has been reading to me Derek Prince, Pulling Down Strongholds, in which Prince has written about all the evil all around us. Additionally, Don and I have been fervently praying about a situation very close to our hearts. In that prayer time, the Lord has shown me how people have chains of sin wrapped around their necks. Add to that our political mania, our cultural decline and the killing of our children. Whew! Too much. No surprise about the bad dream or the dark cloud.

This isn’t the first time I have experienced this dark hovering. Of late, I have recognized that the darkness is a choice. It’s as if I am at the door of darkness looking in but this time the Lord had directed to me to His Word, to the Book I love with all my heart, that sword of the Spirit. I sat down to pray and I heard in my mind, clearly, gently,

Oh, Martha, you worry about many things but only one thing is needed. 

The Lord reminded me to focus on His presence.

Then I remembered! It was as if a light was turned on. My heart was warmed and my thinking was put right.  I remembered who God is, I remembered His power, His love, His gentle hand. Our Creator, God our Father who gives generously, promises, is not tempted by evil, gives good and perfect gifts.

As I write this post, my spirit is happy and free. I feel like a little girl holding the hand of my strong and protecting Father.

As I was finishing my quiet time, with my heart renewed I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. With my grateful heart, I was willing to climb any mountain, fight any battle, I turned the page of my to-do journal and this is what I saw …


WOW!! OK, I got the message. 

I was reminded of what I am here to do. He says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Loving Him is easy and light.

That’s what is on my to-do list today.
I will love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength and follow His leading.

And while I’m at it I will get some of those other things on the list done too.  ((Hugs))



  1. So much evil, so many bad things! Such a great reminder that God is in control.

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