Essential Oils

From the beginning of time God has given us what we need, plants to eat plants to restore health. He made everything good.

With His wisdom, He is so smart that not only did He create Adam and Eve He had the future in mind. He placed them in a world where everything they needed for healthy living was right at their fingertips. He created man’s body to be fueled and sustained by plants. As we look around at this world that He made we can find the treasures He placed here for us.
For instance, peppermint. We can eat it, boil it for tea, distill it for an essential oil.

There are many herbs around our own community that grow for our good.

 Because God is for our good.


In the peppermint leaf are little pockets of oil that are expressed by chewing, brewing or steam distilling. Essential oils are the essence of that plant’s oils.

Manufacturers buy the plants from their local supplies, steam distills them to release the oils which create a healthy, useful concentrate. We can use those concentrates for health as well as household needs.

We can use many different kinds of oils. A few of my favorites are 
peppermint, lemon, lavender, cinnamon, tea tree and doTerra’s On Guard.

Please be educated when buying your oils. When put on your skin these oils enter your bloodstream which affects your whole body.
Be aware of false and misleading advertising. If the label says 100% pure it does not always mean the whole bottle is filled with that 100% pure oil, could mean that only a fraction of the concentrate is the “pure” EO.

When looking for an oil look for these qualities:

  • Label: Botanical name, plant part, country of origin, distillation date and/or expiration date, chemotype (if applicable), and “Keep Out of Reach of Children” statement
  • Cost: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Testing: Especially GC/MS testing
  • Organic, unsprayed, or wildcrafted
  • NAHA or other association memberships
  • Sustainability and economic cooperatives or initiatives

The EO companies warn customers against ingesting oils unless under the supervision of a health care provider because they are so concentrated. One drop of lemon oil is equivalent to the oils of a pound of lemons.

Don is 5 years cancer free. He was diagnosed with throat cancer. When we first heard it we were all in shock. The LORD did what the LORD does, He cares for us. He brought into our lives a medical practitioner who knew how to use the essential oils as medicine. She gave us the cancer protocol and we used it. The LORD our God did one more thing, He gave us all the oils for free. They came through our Kimberly.  She is a doTerra distributor and by God’s amazing grace her upline put under her another medical practitioner which gave Kimberly great profit. Don’s conventional medicine included chemo and radiation, they said that it was going to take 12 weeks of constant treatments to finish all the treatment. Don chose to use the conventional treatment and he agreed to the essential oils. What surprised us after 2 weeks of the medical treatments, essential oils and constant prayer the dr.s said the tumor was dead.

WHAT?! How fantastic was that??

The Drs said we must continue the conventional treatments, I think we continued the oils but the end of the story is that Don is cancer free! We are praising God for all His provision.



Oils are real and something to be respected.

It is recommended to use a carrier oil when applying the oil to your skin, the carrier oil helps to spread out the EO, keeping it from being concentrated in one small area. The carrier oil also helps soften the skin to increase absorption of the EO.

A few recommended carrier oils are

  • almond oil,
  • grapeseed oil,
  • olive oil, sunflower oil
  • and doTerra sells a fractionated oil that does not leave an oily spot.

There are many, many articles on the internet, here is a blog that is written by one of the leading aromatherapists, Robert Tisserand and one if you like the science behind the oils check here.

A few companies that have been shown to be safe and reputable are

doTerra (My favorite)

Young Living

Rocky Mountain

Aura Cacia

I had a lot of fun doing my oils research, there is so much to learn and chemically we are just at the beginning. Hospitals and universities are studying oils. I think in the next few years we might find some great some great advances on their uses. 

For now, I will use my peppermint to help me with nausea, cool me off on hot days and keep away the mosquitoes.

Then God said,

“I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed it

Genesis 1:29

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