Measuring Success

How did my week go? Was I able to stay on track? Accomplish things and not wander around the house eating cookies?

Sadly, there are no cookies, I ate them all. Do you ever tell yourself ” I might as well eat this last cookie that way all the cookies will gone and I won’t have to battle it anymore”  Too bad finishing the cookies wasn’t written on my list cause I would have been able to cross it off.

On my last post, there is a picture that says one of the ways to achieve self-discipline is the mastering of moods.
Hmm …. That one hit me in the face this week. I awakened early in the week and have battled worry and discouragement for days. All week I looked for the cookies.

Remembering what the picture said I was determined to master my mood. I actually made progress. I had several wonderful prayer times and was reminded by the Lord that I am forgetting the part about being thankful.
I was able to turn my eyes from my moodiness to a happy place.
As a result, I opened my calendar and looked at my list and got started.

My self-disciplined friends won’t understand the battle of moving this unmotivated attitude which is like a dead weight.
Self-pity, laziness, aimlessness, indecisive, unguided. Often time my emotions are a result of hard things in my life.

The truth that I learned AGAIN this week is that I must not carry the Lord’s burden. I can’t handle it. I fall under it and become defeated. I fall back into my negative attitudes and do not live in victory.

I wrote on my chalkboard with thanksgiving. Several times this week I was able to rise up out of my defeat and look at my planner and live a purposeful day. Sitting here remembering the goodness of God and His plan of thanksgiving puts a smile on my face.

I have a new week before me. My troubles are still the same, my victory is still the same and so is the defeat what will I do?
I know I am going to approach this week with thanksgiving close by, with remembering the goodness of God and choosing to set my mind on Him. I am hoping it’s going to be a good week. When those feelings of defeat or aimlessness start milling around I am going to remember that this is my character training, like a boot camp. I need to stand up, be strong and put my mind to what is good that way I can move on from this cycle of defeat.

I can tell you that through the goodness of God what used to take me months to process through now is just taking days, that’s progress! That’s victory.

Praise God! I hope you have a great week too!


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  1. Kimberly Belchak

    August 16, 2016 at 3:50 am

    Mom, this is so good! so honest! Thanks for sharing. I love you!

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