Month: August 2016

Essential Oils

From the beginning of time God has given us what we need, plants to eat plants to restore health. He made everything good.

With His wisdom, He is so smart that not only did He create Adam and Eve He had the future in mind. He placed them in a world where everything they needed for healthy living was right at their fingertips. He created man’s body to be fueled and sustained by plants. As we look around at this world that He made we can find the treasures He placed here for us.
For instance, peppermint. We can eat it, boil it for tea, distill it for an essential oil. Continue reading

Measuring Success

How did my week go? Was I able to stay on track? Accomplish things and not wander around the house eating cookies?

Sadly, there are no cookies, I ate them all. Do you ever tell yourself ” I might as well eat this last cookie that way all the cookies will gone and I won’t have to battle it anymore”  Too bad finishing the cookies wasn’t written on my list cause I would have been able to cross it off.

On my last post, there is a picture that says one of the ways to achieve self-discipline is the mastering of moods.
Hmm …. That one hit me in the face this week. I awakened early in the week and have battled worry and discouragement for days. All week I looked for the cookies.

Remembering what the picture said I was determined to master my mood. I actually made progress. I had several wonderful prayer times and was reminded by the Lord that I am forgetting the part about being thankful.
I was able to turn my eyes from my moodiness to a happy place.
As a result, I opened my calendar and looked at my list and got started.

My self-disciplined friends won’t understand the battle of moving this unmotivated attitude which is like a dead weight.
Self-pity, laziness, aimlessness, indecisive, unguided. Often time my emotions are a result of hard things in my life.

The truth that I learned AGAIN this week is that I must not carry the Lord’s burden. I can’t handle it. I fall under it and become defeated. I fall back into my negative attitudes and do not live in victory.

I wrote on my chalkboard with thanksgiving. Several times this week I was able to rise up out of my defeat and look at my planner and live a purposeful day. Sitting here remembering the goodness of God and His plan of thanksgiving puts a smile on my face.

I have a new week before me. My troubles are still the same, my victory is still the same and so is the defeat what will I do?
I know I am going to approach this week with thanksgiving close by, with remembering the goodness of God and choosing to set my mind on Him. I am hoping it’s going to be a good week. When those feelings of defeat or aimlessness start milling around I am going to remember that this is my character training, like a boot camp. I need to stand up, be strong and put my mind to what is good that way I can move on from this cycle of defeat.

I can tell you that through the goodness of God what used to take me months to process through now is just taking days, that’s progress! That’s victory.

Praise God! I hope you have a great week too!


Keeping this in mind today

Yeaterday I had great visions and I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. Self discipline tells me to try again today, to keep my eye on the goal. The Lord tells me that I can walk with integrity in my home.


Within My House

Do you ever have times you wander around the house, eating cookies instead of doing what you should be doing?

I have been struggling with that lately. The LORD has brought into focus the problem and it’s actually laziness and distraction.

Darn it! I hate that. It’s not some nutritional problem that I can eat my way to a healthier life instead it’s a head decision. That takes mental work.

I am going to start my AGAIN journey of self-discipline and here is the verse that will motivate me …

“I will walk with integrity of heart within my house” Psalm 101

That means USING my cool planner. Having a daily, weekly and monthly plan. I will not overload myself instead I will have a goal of about three things and all my basic household duties per day.

I am inspired to get to it. Thank you, LORD, for Your faithful instruction.image