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Dorchester England is a whole new world from the life I am used to. We live in the happy, small town of Burlington. Old buildings around here are 1800’s. Going to Dorchester, Dorset stretched my imagination of old towns. Dorchester was a market center for the Romans, remains of the Roman walls surround the town today. As I walked the streets my thoughts wondered about who and how many walked these same steps as we did.


We were in this town to get our car. We didn’t rent a car we had a car hire. A couple things happened. We had reservations at Enterprise, about a mile away which we would be walking to WITH a suitcase, in a new town, in a new country.

We got off the train and right there, across the parking lot was a car rental place, U-Drive. It was the very name I had seen many times on the internet while looking up car rentals, I mean car hires. Feeling hopeful I thought, why not see if we can rent a car here instead of walking a mile. We went inside and were informed, firmly, that we did not have the proper license so it was against the law to rent to us. Since our US license wouldn’t work with this company, they mentioned Enterprise, it’s an American company. I smiled, agreed and then the really nice manager found one of his men to give us a ride to Enterprise. HA! Yeah! I was for all that! So we gratefully got in the car and he drove us to Enterprise.
When we got there, the kind gentleman from U-Drive rental waited to see if a car was available for us .. he WAITED. Can you believe that?
Turns out Enterprise wasn’t quite ready for us and we had some time, the kind U-Drive gentlemen offered to take us somewhere to wait, once again we gratefully said “Yes, thank you” He dropped us off at a restaurant within walking distance of Enterprise.
If you need a car from Dorchester and you have the proper license I HIGHLY recommend U-Drive. They went way out to their way to be helpful.

After our British breakfast, a huge breakfast for £3.50 we walked up the hill to Enterprise. There are many surprises for these Americans in England, because just over the hill without a lot of fanfare was a castle.

Surprise! IMG_0621 (2)

If I remember correctly it was a church or something like that.

Finally, we are at the Enterprise and our car is ready. They bring around a little orange
Iago. I didn’t think we would fit in it but surprisingly, it was comfortable. FullSizeRender (3)


Then, the moment of truth. We were in the small, crowded parking lot and we had to get out of there without alarming Enterprise.

Don started the car, put it in gear and OUT we went. There may have been a bit of gear grinding but overall we had terrific success. Down the hill we went, followed the curve and joined traffic. Don was driving on the left side of the road, with the stick shift on the left side in a whole new country, fantastic. WOW! We were excited.


We managed our way out of Dorchester and onto the country roads. Our favorite, NOT, were the roundabouts. We white knuckled our way around those all day long. We made it around but we are not sure how many people we may or may not have cut off. We were glad for the orange car, we figured they planned orange for the Americans to help others beware.


It’s pretty simple looking from this angle but when all the cars are coming it got a little confusing. We had to remember which lane to get into, we had to be brave and push our way in and change lanes while going around the circle.
We were independent with our new transportation, I had worried we wouldn’t be able to handle it but we did just fine. In fact, I had a turn at the wheel too.

I was excited, trying new things I had never done before. It’s empowering.
With a bit of sideways filming, a kiss for the grandchildren and maybe a near miss with a truck with lived to tell about our grand adventure. Next entry is the English Channel

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  1. You guys did so good! I LOVE that video – especially the part where you both freak out.

    You are braver than me!

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