Landing in London

Today is Saturday, it’s overcast but still bright outside. There is a little breeze so a sweater … or I mean, a jumper .. is needed for the breeze. We slept in today until 9:30. You might think being in London you shouldn’t take the time to sleep at all but as I went downstairs in my pajamas, April, our generous host reminded me that this IS a vacation and it’s OK to rest. Eureka! What a fabulous idea.

On Tuesday, the day we landed,  we had dinner at an English pub. It’s an old place with wooden floors, old wood doors and cloth napkins. I ordered and paid for my tea at the bar. Turns out, each couple opens a tab for their evening and those smart pub workers keep all your purchases together, whether you ordered at the bar or at the table. At the end, each has their own bill and there is no confusion. We on the other hand, being new to the process, created a lot of confusion. With Ben’s guidance we got it all worked out.
That night I had my first fish and chips. Pretty good, I like crunchy fish.

Wednesday we got on the train at Mortlake station and went into London.

Walking through the heart of the action, we stopped for lunch at the Indian food trucks. I had the best lamb I have ever had. The meat was pasture raised and organic. NICE. We ate outside on the picnic tables, the weather was wonderful.
We walked toward the Thames, there were people everywhere, every nationality, all different languages. Not a lot of women in Hijab.
We walked past the London Eye, up onto the crowded bridge to cross the river. There in the multitude of people we stopped to get our group pic.

Happy and excited, each of us were trying to absorb all the newness around us and believe that we were actually here with each other and Big Ben.

Westminster Abbey’s Gothic entrance stood out amongst all the hustle and bustle of an international city. Edward the Confessor started the building of this burial church and his vision was completed in 1090.

As I walked in I touched the wooden door and wondered who before me has walked through this doorway.
The floors are made of multicolored square stone tiles, worn with age.
We were surrounded by marble pieces of art. It was more than I could comprehend, here I was standing and even touched (sorry, I was in shock at the moment)  works of art, marble statues of people that were created in a time I have only read about and imagined. Here were the gorgeous renaissance pieces, smooth, cold, muscular and detailed. I was in awe. I was very small in that abbey, small in significance, history and stature.

After several hours of walking, listening and learning we were ready to leave. Before we did we were sure to see the chair that almost all the royalty sat in for their coronation. It was just Lucy and me for that few moments and it’s a happy memory. We looked up the Queen Elizabeth coronation on youtube and saw that she did, indeed, sit in that chair.


Then Lucy and I found a place for a spot of tea. Much needed and delicious.



Psalm 39:4-5

“O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am! Behold, you have made my days a few handbreadths, and my lifetime is as nothing before you. Surely all mankind stands as a mere breath! Selah


  1. I am reliving London through your post! Don’t you just love having tea there! Have a wonderful time!

  2. I was moved to tears at your post & the sight of your family joyously together; beautiful! So thankful with you all!

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