It’s been exciting waiting and working towards our trip to London. I was determined not to leave a lot of stuff to the last minute. I haven’t quite made my goal. I have a few important things I haven’t done

  1. Gather the history information about our ancestors. We will be tracing their steps from landing in New York at Ellis Island to when Gr. Grandmother Mary Louise was a 14 year old scholar/teacher in the small town of Cattistock, in Dorset England.   Her marriage to Great Grandfather Evan Collins. I have a bit of it, but wish I had done more.
  2. Gather Grammy ideas for kid time.
  3. Clean the windows. I know, I can hear you now “You don’t need to clean the windows!” and while that is true, it is something I have been hoping to get done for a couple months now.
  4. Get all my spring planting done.
  5. This one is really important .. make a itinerary. I love an itinerary. That will probably happen before we leave.
  6. Here is one Elisa will get after me for .. clean out the fridge. She says I pick the worst times to do that.
  7. Today the huckleberry tree is full of ripe beautiful berries. Will I get out there and pick a bowl full?

Here is the mess I have to work with. Dale will be staying in this room so I need to create order. This is all the stuff I’m hoping to take in my small suitcase. We’ll see how it goes.



I had my tooth extracted on Monday. That was not in my schedule. That actually made me stop for a couple days.

But, it was a nice break. I got to watch and take notes on Francis Schaeffer’s series How Then Shall We Live on youtube.  It was very encouraging to be reminded that God’s truth is still the reality and we can base our foundations of life on it.

Now that I am on the mend it’s time to get packed.

Today is full of distractions,
no surprise, but I will press on toward the goal!