It’s been exciting waiting and working towards our trip to London. I was determined not to leave a lot of stuff to the last minute. I haven’t quite made my goal. I have a few important things I haven’t done

  1. Gather the history information about our ancestors. We will be tracing their steps from landing in New York at Ellis Island to when Gr. Grandmother Mary Louise was a 14 year old scholar/teacher in the small town of Cattistock, in Dorset England.   Her marriage to Great Grandfather Evan Collins. I have a bit of it, but wish I had done more.
  2. Gather Grammy ideas for kid time.
  3. Clean the windows. I know, I can hear you now “You don’t need to clean the windows!” and while that is true, it is something I have been hoping to get done for a couple months now.
  4. Get all my spring planting done.
  5. This one is really important .. make a itinerary. I love an itinerary. That will probably happen before we leave.
  6. Here is one Elisa will get after me for .. clean out the fridge. She says I pick the worst times to do that.
  7. Today the huckleberry tree is full of ripe beautiful berries. Will I get out there and pick a bowl full?

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