Month: May 2016

To Dorset

After a busy day of buses, people, history and sweet ones it was our turn to babysit the kids so mum and daddy could have an evening out. Every day has started early and been filled to the brim. It has taken all my attention to stay on top of our activities.
In the moments of quimageiet as I was rocking Penelope to sleep, I think it must have been the Lord who whispered to me “Tomorrow you go to Dorchester” 
Gasp! I had totally lost track of time. I was not packed, I had not ordered the train ticket, my ancestry history information was scattered. I have to admit, I had a bit of panic in my heart.
At the very same time, my mind was racing to think about what I needed to be doing, I was also having my long awaited movie time with the kids. I was FINALLY getting to see the movie Frozen.
Torn between my time with the children and getting ready for our trip I decided to enjoy our movie time.

dorchester__dorset_dotDon and I stayed up gathering and packing and in the morning got up at 5:00 am to catch the train.
There was a little trouble with the tickets, but finally, we were on our way through the countryside of England. The train made a few stops and it was fun to hear the train conductor blow his whistle for all to be aboard. Continue reading

Landing in London

Today is Saturday, it’s overcast but still bright outside. There is a little breeze so a sweater … or I mean, a jumper .. is needed for the breeze. We slept in today until 9:30. You might think being in London you shouldn’t take the time to sleep at all but as I went downstairs in my pajamas, April, our generous host reminded me that this IS a vacation and it’s OK to rest. Eureka! What a fabulous idea.

On Tuesday, the day we landed,  we had dinner at an English pub. Continue reading


I’m sitting in a lovely bedroom on the 4th floor of a London home, I can see the night sky out of the skylights, I can feel the cool breeze coming through the window. I’m not alone I have Don here with me and we are being refreshed by listening to John Michael Talbot.


After lots of hugs, well wishes and prayers from our church family Monday finally came.

Today is Thursday, May 19th, we drove out of Burlington about 2 weeks ago on Monday, May 17th. Continue reading

Countdown: 5 Days

It’s been exciting waiting and working towards our trip to London. I was determined not to leave a lot of stuff to the last minute. I haven’t quite made my goal. I have a few important things I haven’t done

  1. Gather the history information about our ancestors. We will be tracing their steps from landing in New York at Ellis Island to when Gr. Grandmother Mary Louise was a 14 year old scholar/teacher in the small town of Cattistock, in Dorset England.   Her marriage to Great Grandfather Evan Collins. I have a bit of it, but wish I had done more.
  2. Gather Grammy ideas for kid time.
  3. Clean the windows. I know, I can hear you now “You don’t need to clean the windows!” and while that is true, it is something I have been hoping to get done for a couple months now.
  4. Get all my spring planting done.
  5. This one is really important .. make a itinerary. I love an itinerary. That will probably happen before we leave.
  6. Here is one Elisa will get after me for .. clean out the fridge. She says I pick the worst times to do that.
  7. Today the huckleberry tree is full of ripe beautiful berries. Will I get out there and pick a bowl full?

Continue reading