Month: April 2016

London Trip Coming Soon

For about 2 years now I have been saving my small paychecks, my $100 landfalls, sneaking $20 to $40 here and there and squirreling it away for our trip to England.

The date is planned and the plane tickets are bought. We are going to London.

We are visiting are precious Belchak family. I have visited them once before and had a lovely time.

Our 3 week visit includes me and Don, Benjamin and his girlfriend Haylie, Elisa and David and we will be joined while over there by Chris. My only regret is Erin was not able to join us, we will miss her.

We have what I consider to be outrageous plans. Being with young folks changes things.
An ole grandma and grandpa would hop on a plane at the local airport, land in the designated city and be picked up by a happy, waiting family.
Not us though, young folks think outside that box and manage to have fun on a budget and us ole folks come along with them. We are saving hundreds of dollars by flying out of New York. Of course we don’t live in New York but that is just an old folks detail. We are renting a van for 24 hours and driving through the night from North Carolina to New York. We have 6 drivers, we should be able to make it simple as can be!

After spending a busy day in New York we take off to London at 11:00 PM that night. We will “sleep” on the plane, land in England at 11:00 am the next day. Our next adventure will be to find a train and travel from the airport to our destination, Mortlake, to find our waiting family.

It’s 15 days, 381 hours and 22908 minutes till we go. Time for packing, unlocking phones, crossing t’s and dotting i’s.



Susan Branch

Whenever I need a boost of energy, something to get me motivated again I read her blog.
Susan Branch just has a way of making the simplest homemaking activities look inviting, she reminds me that all my homemaking efforts are a part of a long, long tradition of the women before me making that one place in the world warm, comfortable and welcoming.
Here is her blog address if you would like to ck her out. Right now she is talking about the recent book she is writing but even as she does that, she freshens up her home sweet home and makes me want to do that same.

She is a Beatrix Potter fan, here is a picture from her blog of Peter Rabbit with a green hat.
















With this bit of inspiration it shouldn’t take long for me to get my own little cottage of love in order.


Two Brains … Gotta Laugh


Every AprilFullSizeRender (2) the women of Antioch travel to Holden Beach in North Carolina. We rent a few houses and fill them with women in all seasons of life and this weekend even one little man, Noah, 6 months old.

The houses are big and beautiful. They are full of nice furnishings and have many bedrooms. Each house is appointed a house mom. She is the wonderful, faithful servant that cares to all of our needs. They make our experience extra special for us by putting chocolates in our room and decorating our bedroom door with our name and Bible verses of encouragement. Continue reading