Month: March 2016


This guy of mine makes a pile of mulch look like light work. He’s shoveled and pushed and raked and now the gardens that looked a mess are tidy. image

“And let me tell you, you boys of America, that there is no higher inspiration to any man to be a good man, a good citizen, and a good son, brother or father than the knowledge that you come from honest blood”  John Sergeant Wise


Happy Anniversary!

The Lord has granted us 38 years of marriage.


I remember when we first started this journey, I was 18 years old and didn’t even know what 38 years looked like. Here we are, one day at a time we have come to this point.

Like all marriages that have come this far it has been a terrific journey. Life isn’t an easy place but love helps to soften the tough spots and shine a warm glow of goodness.

As I went to sleep my heart was full of warmth and comfort and I was feeling very thankful.