My Facebook Sabbatical

facebooklike_8Recently, I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts because they are such a constant draw for me. I love people and I like to continually connect and see what’s going on. If I was that well balanced person that can have moderation then I could stay on social media but since I’m too curious for my own good I went cold turkey. Surprisingly, when I hit that deactivate button I felt a whole weight go off my shoulders. Connecting takes time and emotional effort and by deactivating them I just released myself from 800 people. Wow. That was a lot to carry around. I still care about the people I had connected with and it makes distance family updates limited but I have noticed that my life is revolving around the people in my physical life.

I have email and text and the phone and I still live in the same place plus Don is on FB so I haven’t fallen off the planet but I have been awakening to my own small little life. When I have a moment instead of looking at my phone I just sit for a minute and collect my thoughts. I consider what I want to do next, sometimes I pray other times I just sit and have free brain time. It’s pretty fun. I highly recommend it. I also read books more often. 


My connecting personality has found a new outlet – Oh my! I am forever looking at that phone app. Where I was enjoying my mind freedom from social media I have now been captured by But, there is good news. I am having fabulous success in my endeavor to find our British family before I go to England, I have made a pretty good tree and my last steps are to make copies of the documents that have been found then I am going to sign off.

It will be back to free mind and reading books.

Here is a picture of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather Collins.


I really like their faces. They are the brave adventurers that came across the Atlantic Ocean to Ellis Island to make a new life. With three children and one infant they came as 3rd class travelers.  Their life was short here in the US but they left behind our beloved Nuna.


This woman, Eleanor Collins Dillon traveled across the world as a young girl, lost her parents at a young age, married at a young age and worked everyday to create what we all lovingly refer to as home. She set the high bar for us and we are happy to wish and hope that we just might be accomplish just a portion of what she did.

It’s been wonderful discovering their lives, I have even mourned their loss. That British family of ours was a traveling bunch. Kinda like us today. Now we know where we get our gypsy feet.







  1. We have missed you, your wit, your kindness, your enthusiasm. But? I get it! We still need to get together. Loooove your Family research! I see Elisa in those faces. ❤️ You Lady.

    • Christine, you are such an encourager! Thank you for your kind words. YES! I want to hear about all your grand adventures. You and I are kindred spirits so I know you have many things going on. ((HUGS!))

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