Month: February 2016

My Facebook Sabbatical

facebooklike_8Recently, I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts because they are such a constant draw for me. I love people and I like to continually connect and see what’s going on. If I was that well balanced person that can have moderation then I could stay on social media but since I’m too curious for my own good I went cold turkey. Surprisingly, when I hit that deactivate button I felt a whole weight go off my shoulders. Connecting takes time and emotional effort and by deactivating them I just released myself from 800 people. Wow. That was a lot to carry around. I still care about the people I had connected with and it makes distance family updates limited but I have noticed that my life is revolving around the people in my physical life.

I have email and text and the phone and I still live in the same place plus Don is on FB so I haven’t fallen off the planet but I have been awakening to my own small little life. When I have a moment instead of looking at my phone I just sit for a minute and collect my thoughts. I consider what I want to do next, sometimes I pray other times I just sit and have free brain time. It’s pretty fun. I highly recommend it. I also read books more often. Continue reading

My New Favorite Day


Family, pasta and games.

The food ..

We have put Thursday on the calendar because time has a way of flying forward. One day turns into the next and before you know it a week, a month a year has gone by Continue reading