A Great Surprise Today

It started earlier when I was doing my 40 Days in the Word lesson, the speaker recounted a story that made a big impression on his life, it involved hamburgers, french fries and stepping out in faith, trusting God to provide.

The speaker was praying and the Lord impressed upon him Psalm 81:10 “Open your mouth that I may fill it.” By faith, and a little bit of humor, he opened his mouth up to the Lord and said, “Yes Lord, please fill it “Not a minute later he had an unexpected friend drop off two hamburgers, fries and a drink.
Haha! That story made an impression on me.

Today I was out the dog park with Don and Joy. It was our first attempt and I was really scared. Joy and I don’t know how to manage other dogs, I was afraid Joy would be emotionally scarred for life and turn into a loner dog that would never get along with others. (Vain imaginings). When we first got there it was empty. I was glad of that. Joy had a chance to investigate the place and become familiar. After a long while it got boring and Joy was at the gate to leave. I wasn’t quite ready to go because I knew she needed some more exercise, especially since yesterday a rain day and she was in all day.

I remembered the verse the Lord had showed me today “Open wide your mouth that I may fill it” So I did. Just like the speaker in faith and a little humor, I opened my mouth and asked the Lord to fill it. I prayed and asked if He would bring a nice dog for Joy to play with so she could get the needed exercise and the social time. 

Here was the exciting part.

Not 5 minutes later, a woman pulled up to the dog park with 4 BEAUTIFUL collies of variety of ages. This woman, it turns out, trains and shows her dogs all over. Her pack of dogs were well behaved and friendly. Not only did God send us a friendly dog for Joy He sent 5! Another really nice woman came with her dog.
Cindy, the woman with the collies, taught me how to watch dogs in a pack. What aggressive behavior looked like and to trust Joy to manage the transition of learning how to be a dog. Joy was really scared at first and my reaction was to protect her and Cindy was thoughtful to manage her dogs. It took Joy about 15 to finally figure out this dog pack thing but when she did she was the happiest little puppy! She was running full speed, chasing, being chased and even taunting a bigger dog.

It was a great time. The best part though was that God did give us our fill … and even extra!
Today I am thankful. Joy is tired – hallelujah! And the Lord gave us sweet gifts.

Here is Joy 5 minutes after getting into the car.

Tired puppy

Sorry if the pic is upside down, I’m not sure how to fix it but I am trying!  🙂



  1. Very fun to watch Joy learn how to fit in to the pack…….

  2. That is an AWESOME story!! God really does supply for all our needs – over and abundantly! I’m sure it also helped that you went out of your way to talk to these ladies 😉 (Oh and your blog is looking GREAT btw!! Love you!)

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