Feeding the Dog


When I was little feeding my dog was simple, dad brought home a paper bag full of Ken L’Ration canned dog food. Every night I would use the electric can opener to twirl the can around and cut off the lids, top and bottom then I would push the brown mushy product into her bowl. Patches loved it.



This is the type of commercials I watched.

Those are fun memories. The dog food was basic ground up meat with some added carbohydrates and of course, cod liver oil.

These days dog food is not that easy. OH MY! Wow! There are aisles and aisles of choices. How do we choose?

Turns out Joy has lots of scratching and itching. I am on a long journey trying to figure out how to feed her and help her with her itching, which must be a genetic condition because we have tried different types of foods BUT the only thing all these foods have had in common are GMOs. Either in the corn added to the kibble or the corn fed to the cow. Right now her food is supposedly wild caught fish or sustainably caught fish (might have GMO in the fish food) and non GMO vegetables. AND, I have been giving her a meat pudding I found at Food Lion for $1.95 a pound. It’s made up of pig organs. In the dream world that should be a great food. In the commercial world I am afraid I might be contributing to her itching because the pigs were undoubtedly fed Monsanto’s GMO corn.

We would also like to be moderate on how much we are paying for dog food. If I were, once again, to go to the dream world I would buy her local meat from the local organic farmers. It’s a great plan in theory, but golly! I could never afford it.
I haven’t come to any solutions, just kinda wishing I had those cans of Ken L Ration dog food. I will keep you posted on my conclusions. I will, in the end, be voting against GMOs  with Don’s hard earned money. We don’t want to fund the Monsanto machine.
For now, we will continue on our current path. One of which is teaching this little cutie how to stay calmly on the leash.







But I have trusted in Your lovingkindness; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.
Psalm 13:5




  1. Really enjoyed those old commercials! Thanks for the memories dear !!

  2. It’s so sad how far we’ve come!! These days us humans would benefit from the good stuff in that dog food. But I looooved that commercial – that baby was so so cute.

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