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A Great Surprise Today

It started earlier when I was doing my 40 Days in the Word lesson, the speaker recounted a story that made a big impression on his life, it involved hamburgers, french fries and stepping out in faith, trusting God to provide.

The speaker was praying and the Lord impressed upon him Psalm 81:10 “Open your mouth that I may fill it.” By faith, and a little bit of humor, he opened his mouth up to the Lord and said, “Yes Lord, please fill it “Not a minute later he had an unexpected friend drop off two hamburgers, fries and a drink.
Haha! That story made an impression on me.

Today I was out the dog park with Don and Joy. It was our first attempt and I was really scared. Joy and I don’t know how to manage other dogs, I was afraid Joy would be emotionally scarred for life and turn into a loner dog that would never get along with others. (Vain imaginings). When we first got there it was empty. I was glad of that. Joy had a chance to investigate the place and become familiar. After a long while it got boring and Joy was at the gate to leave. I wasn’t quite ready to go because I knew she needed some more exercise, especially since yesterday a rain day and she was in all day.

I remembered the verse the Lord had showed me today “Open wide your mouth that I may fill it” So I did. Just like the speaker in faith and a little humor, I opened my mouth and asked the Lord to fill it. I prayed and asked if He would bring a nice dog for Joy to play with so she could get the needed exercise and the social time. 

Here was the exciting part.

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Feeding the Dog


When I was little feeding my dog was simple, dad brought home a paper bag full of Ken L’Ration canned dog food. Every night I would use the electric can opener to twirl the can around and cut off the lids, top and bottom then I would push the brown mushy product into her bowl. Patches loved it.



This is the type of commercials I watched.

Those are fun memories. The dog food was basic ground up meat with some added carbohydrates and of course, cod liver oil.

These days dog food is not that easy. OH MY! Wow! There are aisles and aisles of choices. How do we choose?

Turns out Joy has lots of scratching and itching. I am on a long journey trying to figure out how to feed her and help her with her itching, which must be a genetic condition because we have tried different types of foods BUT the only thing all these foods have had in common are GMOs. Either in the corn added to the kibble or the corn fed to the cow. Right now her food is supposedly wild caught fish or sustainably caught fish (might have GMO in the fish food) and non GMO vegetables. AND, I have been giving her a meat pudding I found at Food Lion for $1.95 a pound. It’s made up of pig organs. In the dream world that should be a great food. In the commercial world I am afraid I might be contributing to her itching because the pigs were undoubtedly fed Monsanto’s GMO corn.

We would also like to be moderate on how much we are paying for dog food. If I were, once again, to go to the dream world I would buy her local meat from the local organic farmers. It’s a great plan in theory, but golly! I could never afford it.
I haven’t come to any solutions, just kinda wishing I had those cans of Ken L Ration dog food. I will keep you posted on my conclusions. I will, in the end, be voting against GMOs  with Don’s hard earned money. We don’t want to fund the Monsanto machine.
For now, we will continue on our current path. One of which is teaching this little cutie how to stay calmly on the leash.







But I have trusted in Your lovingkindness; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.
Psalm 13:5



Google Images Can Be Shocking

I was looking in Google images for a picture of a Bible. As I looked I saw row after row of them in different settings. As my eyes were going back and forth on the screen my eyes STOPPED! I jetted away from the image because it was horrible. Gingerly, I went back to look at it, there I saw the picture of a hand that had been mutilated by a paper shredder. SHUDDER! How horrible! The small title was something about reading the Bible. I clicked on the pic, as the site loaded, I only half looked at the screen, there was that pic at the very top of a person’s blog. I read the article and it claimed that the picture of the mutilated hand belonged to a Christian pastor in Saudi Arabia, he was punished for reading the Bible by getting his hand mutilated.

The picture was an awful shock; the reason I was looking for a picture of the Bible was that I am participating in the 40 Days In the Word study. Every morning I go to the 40 Day site, I learn and am encouraged by God’s Word, an inspiring video and tips on helping me to abide in Christ through His Word. Then that morning, I was going to post what I had learned, what was encouraging and then BAM! Shocking to my senses, I saw what happens to people that read God’s Word. That particular day I had read “Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things in your law.” It took me back for a moment, all the joy of finding the wondrous things in His law was gone. My imagination immediately went to the poor, suffering soul who had been cruelly punished for reading the Bible. I imagined his life today, how would that ever heal? What would be the long term effects, on and on my mind traveled.
Farther and farther, my mind traveled away from the wondrous law of God.

I love God’s Word, it’s the one thing in my life that I have that I count on to be constant, everything in this life can change in the blink of an eye but His Word is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. His Word is my plumb line, my direction to the one place that everything else is measured against. And yet, here was this disturbing consequence for reading it.

Emotionally I was stunned, I put down God’s Word and that day I considered what all that meant.
Not wanting to obsess about it, knowing my brothers and sisters are being martyred for their faith,
I prayed to the author of my faith.

A bit of fresh air started blowing through my mind, I started questioning that photo. I remembered what it looked like, considered a few points that seemed inconsistent. I went back to Google and I made the query “Hands mutilated for reading the Bible” This and that came up, the same pic came up many times, I read several articles but one person’s comment on one of the articles claimed the photo was an industrial prop for a machine safety campaign. WHAT?! That got me started and before I knew it I had found that the pic was NOT a person’s hand from reading the Bible. Whew! What relief! I was so happy for the imagined person.
Further reading did show that in reality, there really are machines used in Sharia law for thieves and their hands are put in there as their punishment. That is verifiable. Horrifying but true.

My point to this post –
I think I had been distracted from God’s Word. I had been on a good role and BAM! Doubt started creeping in. Ah, the enemy.
The LORD has since shown me that the whole incident had been a ruse but He used it to strengthen me. He allowed that misguided person with their blog to help me compare my belief in His Word to horrible things.
The LORD helped me take my Bible reading and love of the Bible past a vision of cruel torture. The LORD was training me to see past the things of this world. Even the horrible things. He also taught me to take everything to Him in prayer, because when I prayed it was then I was able to see clearly and have proper discernment.
With eyes more aware, I will continue, with great thanksgiving, my 40 Day journey in His Word. By His Holy Spirit I will be lead to strength, and only by His Holy Spirit I will love God’s Word, despite the terrors of this world. By His Holy Spirit, I will be renewed and made more like Him.
Because, He is able to do it. 

Whew! What a lesson. Can’t wait till we can all be in heaven together.


What is a Day?

A bit of Hebrew for those that love to learn, or are teaching children or even have been put in the time and place to bring light to God’s Word.
What did God mean when he told us the world was created in 6 days? Was He being literal, did he ACTUALLY mean the word day like you and I understand it? According to Strongs this is the Hebrew word that says day

yōm  י֥וֹם

Day is defined by evening and morning
The word yom relates to the passing of light and dark.

5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.
And there was evening and there was morning, one day.

8 And God called the firmament Heaven.
And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.

13 And there was evening and there was morning, a third day.

19 And there was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.

23 And there was evening and there was morning, a fifth day.

31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.
And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.

I feel confident that the LORD God, Creator meant day as in the earth spins around
we get light and dark, day and night – a day.
I used to love evolution, it was fun to consider all the possibilities of the passage of time, but as I learned more about God’s Word, I have come to see that He has had a plan from the beginning, when I take away from His plan, trying to order it by things my hands can touch, I lose the power and importance of being here now as His creation.

If you would like to do further investigating here are the sites I used



Puppy Joy, Weeks 7 and 8

This little sweetheart has charmed us with her sunny personality.

At this point in her development I was still worrying. By now I had read many articles online, and listened to Cesar Milan. They all had in common this advice, “BEFORE you get your puppy make sure she has had her proper socialization with her mother and littermates, find a puppy that matches your lifestyle, a medium energy level dog. Find out about her parents, what is her breed, her general temperament.”

I sighed.

We were WAY past all that. All I knew I got from the shelter – lab mix. Her papers said she and her abandoned litter mates came from a trailer park. She was still so young that she nursed as she slept.


During this part of her development she was very busy running, playing and also biting everyone. She was intent on going out to see everything. She was curious and careless, also a bit of an oaf, often tripping over her own feet.

She was very sensitive though. She would just lay on the floor near the heater vent and just look at me. She would often look at my face, as if waiting for instructions. But, I had already given her instruction .. QUIT BITING!
She loved to cuddle. When she was half asleep she was very gentle and sweet. She had adopted us and was at home.
Potty training was a major concentration at this point. We stayed with the principle that every time she awakened we took her out. We have a spot in the back yard, we had put it there for Daisy, it’s a fenced, overgrown corner that has been designated for dog business. Every couple hours we were taking her out. It was long and tiring. Just like a little baby we had to get up at night. Night after night we would be awakened by her whining, stumble to get dressed for nighttime cold, unzip her black travel crate and be greeted by a happy, sweet, hand biting puppy. Out we would go into the night. With a flashlight, we would wait till she was done. AND since she was still battling worms, we had to keep everything picked up .. at night.


Her first puppy visit she was tested for worms, she had them all. She was malnourished even though I had given her chicken breast and white rice, cat food, dog food, eggs, cream. Anything I could find that she would actually eat. She was a mess, a true pound puppy. She got her first series of shots, a bag full of anti worm meds and words of caution to get her on a proper puppy food.


Continual cleaning and training. I read strong instruction to stop her biting. There are 100 different methods on how to stop your dog from biting. One really important bit of advice that stayed with me was

As a pet owner we wanted to be assertive, not aggressive. 

I really liked that because at this stage we still didn’t know her temperament or breed, leading assertively would reduce puppy aggression. She is not a robot, she is a living creature with a mind of her own, be it a dog one, but she still has her own will. We could have slapped or hit her, we could have handled her roughly, which I am sad to say, out of frustration I had done on occasion, we consistently told her no, put appropriate biting items in her mouth and praised her. That was a constant battle. There were many times that I would hold her down, not angry but firmly. Sometimes, she would be out of control biting me and growling aggressively. I would try to hold her down, she would continue to fight me and I would hold her down using my upper body. (Being careful about too much weight on her) I wouldn’t get up till she was calmed down. I would tell her “No ma’am! You may not bite”  Don and I both had to do that several times. She started getting the idea that she was not in control here. We are.

IMG_1707Look at her sweet face. She is a dollbaby, her fur is soft she has bright eyes and a joyful disposition. That’s a picture of her with her new doll.


She still had her puppy breath and endearing, audible yawns.
We are thankful for her and continuing on the journey of Joy.


Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13


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