The National Gallery

One of my favorite places in all the world is a beautiful art museum. I walk in there and see the order and feel the peace. The marble walls, columns and floors, the fresh flower arrangements sending fragrance through the passageways. The images. The color. Ahh, lovely. 

Today we went to The National Gallery of London. It is filled with art from, golly, I don’t even know what some of the oldest pieces are. There was art from then till now. 

We packed up the kids and out we went. First a bus, then  the tube. Here is a picture of our next generation map guy. Map loving started with Papa, was picked up by Kimberly and now lives in Zackary. Looks Like Lucy wants to learn too. This picture is Zackary following the train schedules and figuring out where we need to get on and off. Not exactly a map but he likes to know where he is and where he is going. Just like Papa and Kimberly. 

This next picture is for you, Elisa. I’m pretty sure you would heartily agree with this. 


This is what you see when you come up the steps from the underground tube. The streets of London! 


Between the buildings is a little fun. 


There it is! The National Gallery. Beautiful inside and out. IMG_2187

We found a statue of George Washington. I sang a patriotic song 😉 IMG_2189

One of the two fountains that are out front. This fountain has been there years and years. Trafalgar Square. 

There is our handsome Zackary with the blue rooster in the background, it’s a temporary statue  for that spot. 


We went through beautiful rooms, the art is inspiring. You have to remember that we are at the museum with a 7 month old, a BUSY 4 year old that loves to touch as she learns, a 7 year old and a 9 1/2 year old,  we were not taking to long in any one place. Kimberly found a sticker book with stickers of the art and a place to put them. As we walked through the museum who ever spotted the painting that was in the book got to put the sticker on the page. It was a big hit and we all enjoyed it. 


In one room we found this painting by  Murillo, Bartolome Esteban We had been sitting on the bench in the center of the room discussing a few paintings, talking about what stands out to us and any thoughts we might have on it. This one in particular stood out to me. As Henry and I sat on the cushioned seat we looked at this picture. I told him I really liked that one, we talked about that the boy had old clothes on but looked happy. He was happy with his lamb. In that art period all the paintings had been about Jesus so Henry connected some dots for me, he pointed out that the lamb is Jesus, the Lamb of God. I was amazed! I said “Yeah! I can see that” then I added, as the boy’s clothes show that he is poor, his face still looks happy. Then Henry and I recognized that we as people are poor because we have difficulties in life but when we are with Jesus we are happy, no matter if we are poor or not. We learned from that painting that being with Jesus makes us happy! 


We chuckled to see that the painters hand was OUTSIDE the frame! 

I dedicate this to all the moms that are exhausted from their kids disobeying. There is the cross representing this cross she must bear. Hang in there moms, it gets better, when they are adults they are wonderful! IMG_2208

We had lunch in the cafeteria. Pumpkin soup with lentils and fresh artisan bread loaded with butter. Mmm it was good! 


Fun on our lunch break 



I found this frame and told Henry to get in so I could take his pic, he put his hand out so he could be just like Murillo’s self portrait. Haha! What an sharp kid. 


There were MANY different cultures at the museum. Many muslim as well. It was fun to hear all the different languages. 


We finished our visit with a trip to Van Gogh and his beautiful sunflowers. IMG_2217

It was time to go outside to the square. When we got out we saw a rainbow, lovely. The building is St. Martin in the Fields church. 


We saw Aslan in the square 


And this cutie! She saw the money in there, ooh, money! 


There is Big Ben down the road. IMG_2223

Here I am with an elevating Yoda IMG_2230

I tried my Starbucks card and it works internationally. My always ordered tall soy latte no foam decaf was not the same as the states. It was good but not AS good. I also went to McDonalds, the Quarter pounder tasted the same, maybe needed a little salt.IMG_2232

Then back to the tube, a bus and a short walk home.

What a perfect day! Thankful! 

God is good. God is the embodiment of perfect goodness, and is kind, benevolent, and full of good will toward all creation.


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  1. What a busy lady. Wish I was there to help Kimberly also. I really am enjoying all the pictures. I liked the one of Zack reading the tube schedules, and of Henry posing w his hand outside the frame and of Lucy at the pond. See you later!!

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