We started at 10 am this morning, Penelope was bundled in her red pram and we all had on our walking shoes.

Here is a picture of Zackary leading the way, a short cut through the grave yard.

We walked down neighborhood pathways. There were old brick walls with gardens behind them. The walls had green moss and ferns.

We made it to Barnes Pond. The fowl could hear the rustle of the bread bag and came en mass to Kimberly and the kids.

Barnes is a idyllic community. All the buildings and houses look like out of a movie. There was actually a street sweeper man.


We walked to the bus stop, met a grandma walking across the street. There are a lot of older people walking slowly along with their canes or walking carts. There are lots of people in general. Mostly, white European types. 9 out of 10 dressed very nicely. I notice they have nice shoes here, lots of leather. I don’t see very many sneakers, it’s colder so we don’t see sandals and I have not seen any open toed shoes. In the bustling village of Barnes there are a lot of local shops. There are very few chain stores. I like seeing the flower shops because they display their flowers in pots outside the shops.

Here is an adorable pic of Penelope in the the hat made by GiGi. While strolling along she pulled it down over her face, when we looked in on her …


This is what we saw. Sweetie. image

Our walking and bus rides took us to Lyrics Square. There is an international food court. This HUGE vat is full of chicken and sauce. image

This is the cook, he is from France. image

Here are raw food balls. The food tent owner tried to explain them to me but I think they were from India and it was hard to understand. They look yummy. EXCEPT – there are no food coverings. Everything is out to the public, little kids to old folks. I’d probably buy one from the back. 😉 image

Kimberly bought us artisan non yeast, sourdough bread. I have another pic later when we had it for snack.

Because there are no tables and we had children, we found this friendly Englishman selling his basic British food. Meat stuffed crust.

It was fantastic! The crust was in thin layers and yummy crunchy. image

Henry and I share a cube seat.

Then we stopped at the Italian coffee shop. The baristas were from southern Italy and had just moved here last February. image

The coffee was pretty! image

Mom gets to sit for just a minute. image

Grammy gets to hug a sweet Lucy. image

The kids had their own drinks, baby chinos. Foam with cinnamon sprinkles. image

And there she is again, the happy Penelope. image

The photo looks darker then it was, it was about 3PM and we were about to walk over the Hammersmith Bridge which flows over the Thames.

I thought this pic turned out well – except the coat … I like big butts and I cannot lie


This is more of their area. Zackary just walks along the wall, just life as usual. image

When we got home, those young ones were NOT tired. Let’s play Grammy! So we painted. image

Our afternoon snack was the beautiful bread we bought at the square,  it was loaded with Kerrygold butter and drizzled with the raw honey that had been delivered to her front door. image

On top of all that fun, I took a long hot bath in their deep tub, afterward I went to my bedroom and enjoyed the fire.

A delightful ending to a wonderful day.

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy

Psalm 47:1




  1. I’m so loving these pictures…. but can you EVEN BELIEVE you are
    doing all this –that its really YOU in the pictures ??!!!!!
    Love you

  2. DeEtte Beckstead Anderton

    November 14, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Such memories you are making for you and Kimberly and Ben and their beautiful kids! You are truly blessed!

  3. Such happy little lives!! Reading this made me so happy. Can’t wait to visit!

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