80% Survive

“in the United States, the Ebola survival rate is 80%. Among the five Ebola patients with a known clinical outcome, four have been successfully discharged — three from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, one from Nebraska Medical Center.”

That is good news. 

Here is a simple LOW COST prevention to ebola and other hateful viruses. 


We are also told that hand sanitizer with over 60% alcohol is enough to break through the ebola lipid membranes and kill it.

Ask yourself, how is my immunity? Am I strong, exercising, eating healthy foods, rested?

If we were to get ebola, if our body is strong it will overcome the disease better. With the high percentages of survival rates from the article on Forbes.com we have a fighting chance.

Here is a link from CNN giving us a positive outlook on immune building.


The link from Forbes.com


Thanking God for this good news!



  1. Washing hands is a great reminder. Thinking about this myth busters episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry2CS4vHlCQ

    Use soap! Don’t use the dryer!

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