It’s Not Coffee


Me at home.


I love my coffee. After a long day I like to drink a cup of coffee loaded with half and half and peruse Pinterest. Also, I like to sit with friends at a restaurant drinking coffee, go to Barnes and Noble, drink coffee and read magazines. Road trip? Starbucks for the journey. I have many of my favorite things teamed with coffee.

Here is the sad news about myself  that many of my coffee loving friends might be facing also, I can’t have coffee after noon.

It’s a hard blow but the truth is, since I have contained my coffee drinking to mornings, I have been able to sleep better at night.

What is a girl to do?

My smart daughter, Kimberly, introduced me to Teeccino Herbal coffee a couple years ago. It tasted good but it didn’t replace coffee.

Because I have reduced my coffee to mornings I have been missing a warm evening drink. I tried a lot of herbal teas but my evening routine drink includes cream; mint tea or chamomile just doesn’t go well with cream.

In comes Teeccino. If you are looking for a coffee alternative this could be it. It is called Teeccino Herbal Coffee.

Be aware, Teeccino is NOT coffee, it doesn’t taste like coffee, doesn’t smell like coffee and it does not give you a burst of energy like coffee.



On the other side, it is warm and it tastes great with cream. You can buy it in several different flavors; it’s an herbal drink which has certain health benefits. If you are thinking about finding a smooth decaff beverage I think you should try Teeccino.  Kimberly found a gem for us.


Let’s plan a time and enjoy a cup of Teeccino together  🙂


If you try it, let me know what you think 🙂

We who had sweet fellowship together Walked in the house of God … 

Psalm 55:14


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  1. I bought Teeccino at Earth Fare and am quite thrilled with its flavor! Of course, I got flavored vanilla nut! YUM! Perfect evening hot beverage! I had heard about it before but your post reminded me. We must share a cup over a visit soon! 🙂

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