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Welcome Joy

I knew I wanted a baby puppy; I prayed, asked for prayer, then looked and looked for one. I had my heart set on a dog that would be a sweet angel, that would be a blessing to all who knew her. I knew for sure that a goldendoodle would be just that, and if not a doodle then maybe a wire haired hound. Pricing those spectacular pups changed my mind. $1,000 or more for a puppy shocked my system. If I spent $1,000 or more on a dog I could never relax. With Don’s whole hearted agreeance, I decided on a pound puppy.

I searched the Burlington Animal online animal shelter every day or maybe even lots of times each day. Till finally the day came when I found a litter of baby puppies available for adoption. Lab mix brindles. How cute!

That very morning I put the pet carrier in the car and went to the shelter.

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 6.56.41414 PM

 Although it was horribly loud in the kennel because of the the dogs barking echoing off the concrete walls and floors, I found the Burlington Shelter nicely kept; the people are friendly, it’s clean and they seem to take good care of the animals.

I was allowed to go inside the cage of the puppies, it was pretty long, maybe 10 feet, divided by a concrete step to make two sections. Their raised bed was on the on the other end of the cement floored kennel. All the puppies came over to meet me, the visitor; I chatted with them for a few minutes, gradually, all but one lost interest. One stayed behind, sitting quietly right by my feet. I left the cage for a minute, on returning all the puppies came to greet me and again, they all lost interest but the one little girl, she parked herself at my feet. Her shelter name was Candy. (Sounds sweet)

I took Candy outside to get to know her better. We visited for a bit, she stayed close by me, even laid her head on my chest. Here is a picture of Candy and I getting to know one another. You can tell I might be already smitten.


I sent pics and a video to the family and heard back from Benjamin and Elisa, I gladly received a – go ahead.

I paid the shelter (minimal charges, great deal) then put her in her animal carrier.

With a happy song in my heart, Joy and I left her past behind and drove to her new life.

First stop, pet shop. Got puppy shampoo.

Next stop, took her by Elisa’s work and got a second sight approval.


Then came Peter, he was holding out for further investigation.

Lastly, but most importantly, Joy was approved by Don.


She is now part of our happy nest.


Joy, about 6 weeks old

Psalms 16:11

You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy;

In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

– See more at:,-And-Human-Experience#sthash.YDk8NfwG.dpuf


A Beautiful Morning

With a warm fire pit on a chilly morning, we were sipping coffee, me from my  Auntie Phee mug, Don from his Papa mug, we were enjoying our new puppy.    She is a cuddler. 

Her name is Joy and I think it’s going to be really fun having her. 




For Your Enjoyment

I was sure to add the link for the slower version. Gotta love science!

The exciting version – They sing it pretty fast!

80% Survive

“in the United States, the Ebola survival rate is 80%. Among the five Ebola patients with a known clinical outcome, four have been successfully discharged — three from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, one from Nebraska Medical Center.”

That is good news. 

Here is a simple LOW COST prevention to ebola and other hateful viruses. 


We are also told that hand sanitizer with over 60% alcohol is enough to break through the ebola lipid membranes and kill it.

Ask yourself, how is my immunity? Am I strong, exercising, eating healthy foods, rested?

If we were to get ebola, if our body is strong it will overcome the disease better. With the high percentages of survival rates from the article on we have a fighting chance.

Here is a link from CNN giving us a positive outlook on immune building.

The link from

Thanking God for this good news!


It’s Not Coffee


Me at home.


I love my coffee. After a long day I like to drink a cup of coffee loaded with half and half and peruse Pinterest. Also, I like to sit with friends at a restaurant drinking coffee, go to Barnes and Noble, drink coffee and read magazines. Road trip? Starbucks for the journey. I have many of my favorite things teamed with coffee.

Here is the sad news about myself  that many of my coffee loving friends might be facing also, I can’t have coffee after noon.

It’s a hard blow but the truth is, since I have contained my coffee drinking to mornings, I have been able to sleep better at night.

What is a girl to do?

My smart daughter, Kimberly, introduced me to Teeccino Herbal coffee a couple years ago. It tasted good but it didn’t replace coffee.

Because I have reduced my coffee to mornings I have been missing a warm evening drink. I tried a lot of herbal teas but my evening routine drink includes cream; mint tea or chamomile just doesn’t go well with cream.

In comes Teeccino. If you are looking for a coffee alternative this could be it. It is called Teeccino Herbal Coffee.

Be aware, Teeccino is NOT coffee, it doesn’t taste like coffee, doesn’t smell like coffee and it does not give you a burst of energy like coffee.



On the other side, it is warm and it tastes great with cream. You can buy it in several different flavors; it’s an herbal drink which has certain health benefits. If you are thinking about finding a smooth decaff beverage I think you should try Teeccino.  Kimberly found a gem for us.


Let’s plan a time and enjoy a cup of Teeccino together  🙂


If you try it, let me know what you think 🙂

We who had sweet fellowship together Walked in the house of God … 

Psalm 55:14


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