Fall is Here


teacupI made morning glory muffins. They are the kind Erin used to make for the bakery in Yanceyville. Lots of carrots, raisins sunflower seeds and walnuts. Mmm, they are rich and good.

I ate my muffin in the only proper way I know how, with tea in my tea cup from Nuna’s house in Marianna. The tall brick home that housed the busy family, the house that was the backdrop to Nuna’s beautiful English gardens. The pantry that held loaves of homemade bread and jars of preserves. Yes, the tea cup from that home of long ago, that still lives in my heart.

There is something about September that makes me want to bake. Continually on a low carb, low sugar diet my baking is restricted but it is coming on fall and I need to bake pumpkin cookies, the kind with chocolate chips in them. Maybe this time I won’t eat to many, although, I do have the cutest little friends that visit me, they are the neighbor girls and I think pumpkin cookies might be a welcome treat. Plus, I could take them to homegroup on Wednesday night. We have a house full of kids this year, I’m sure they would get eaten. There you have it, pumpkin cookies are on the menu.

You will have to come visit. We will have pumpkin cookies and drink tea out of Nuna’s tea cups.






  1. So perfect! Let’s make a date: something baked, a pot of tea and You’ve Got Mail! It NEEDS to happen 🙂

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