Day: September 20, 2014

Fall is Here


teacupI made morning glory muffins. They are the kind Erin used to make for the bakery in Yanceyville. Lots of carrots, raisins sunflower seeds and walnuts. Mmm, they are rich and good.

I ate my muffin in the only proper way I know how, with tea in my tea cup from Nuna’s house in Marianna. The tall brick home that housed the busy family, the house that was the backdrop to Nuna’s beautiful English gardens. The pantry that held loaves of homemade bread and jars of preserves. Yes, the tea cup from that home of long ago, that still lives in my heart.

There is something about September that makes me want to bake. Continually on a low carb, low sugar diet my baking is restricted but it is coming on fall and I need to bake pumpkin cookies, the kind with chocolate chips in them. Maybe this time I won’t eat to many, although, I do have the cutest little friends that visit me, they are the neighbor girls and I think pumpkin cookies might be a welcome treat. Plus, I could take them to homegroup on Wednesday night. We have a house full of kids this year, I’m sure they would get eaten. There you have it, pumpkin cookies are on the menu.

You will have to come visit. We will have pumpkin cookies and drink tea out of Nuna’s tea cups.





Arise, He Calleth Thee

Loving this hymn from 1911 .. I imagined a white country church, just regular folks recognizing their need for Jesus, standing in their Sunday best singing along with the pianist. I listened and read along with this MIDI.

Then, along came a change, I was no longer listening with my mind, I was listening with my heart. Instead of hearing the story about someone else, it became my story. My heart was full and my mind in right order.

(V2) It was when I heard that it was Jesus, who had healed the sin-sick soul, then I called for mercy, that I too might be made whole. The multitude rebuked me saying silent I should be, yet only I called more loudly, have compassion Lord, on me!

V3  Come arise! He calleth ME!  Glorious! 

This old hymn is an invitation to the other hurting souls .. ARISE! He calleth thee.

Weary, lonely, sad, forsaken,
Humbled to a station low,
Sat a hopeless blind man begging,
By the road to Jericho.
Soon he heard the noise of footsteps,
As of waters rolling nigh;
For the Galilean Prophet
With the throng was passing by.

Then arise, He calleth thee,
Sick or suff’ring, blind or lame!
Jesus healed in Galilee,
He is evermore the same.

When he heard that it was Jesus,
Who had healed the sin-sick soul,
Then he called aloud for mercy,
That he, too, might be made whole.
But the multitude rebuked him,
Saying he should silent be;
Yet he only called more loudly,
“Have compassion, Lord, on me!”

Paused the Master for a moment—
“Bring him hither unto Me.”
Someone ran to bear the message:
“Come, arise, He calleth thee!”
Oh, what words of cheer and comfort!
What today could sweeter be
To the weary, sick, and suff’ring—
“Come, arise, He calleth thee”?

Then as he approached the Master,
Healing virtue to receive,
Jesus said, “Thy faith hath saved thee,
Be it as thou dost believe.”
And the blind man’s eyes were opened,
He had proved the promise true;
Ye, who still in sickness languish,
Lo, the Master calls for you.

Thank you, LORD for a sweet time of prayer!