I am new to hosting my own web site. I haved use Blogspot and had fun doing it, but I wanted to advance in my learning so my wonderful son in law, Ben, provided me with a domain name, maryabele.com and a spot on wordpress.

As I have been happily posting, the other day I noticed that the storage bank of media (pictures) was getting crowded. I like to keep things limited and streamlined so in my ignorance I deleted a bunch of pictures. AHHH! I erased the pictures from my many of blog posts. Sigh. It would take hours to go find all those images and repost them so I deleted the posts that they belonged to.

I wondered if God was showing me that my blog posting is a waste of time and I should not be doing it. I prayed and asked Him if it was so and I think He brought to my mind Beatrix Potter, I have recently watched the movie about her – loved it, she was an amazing artist, her works have blessed people for generations. I’m sure there were times when she made mistakes or spilled water on an image. My little blog is my hobby, a spot where I create and share. I think the Lord told me that I should keep blogging but next time .. don’t delete the images. I love the LORD our Father and His sense of humor. Yes, LORD!  I will keep blogging but next time, I won’t delete the images.