National Honey Bee Day

Do you ever get cavities?
Do you know what makes cavities?
It’s from the food we eat.
We have bacteria in our mouths, the acid from the bacteria creates holes in our teeth, or what we call cavities.
Bacteria like some foods better than others.
Bacteria LOVES sugar and when we eat candy, drink soda or eat sweets, we are giving the bacteria a party. They LOVE IT.
Grammy has been doing a little research.
She gets cavities and they hurt her terribly.
Grammy knows that white sugar causes cavities and so does syrup. Her research has been finding out what does NOT cause cavities.
Here is a list of food that strengthens your teeth so you won’t have cavities:
Leafy green vegetables, like cabbage, chard, collard greens and spinach.
Carrots, celery, cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers,  and broccoli. Raw vegetables are always a good choice for avoiding cavities.
Crunchy fruit like apples and pears help strengthen your teeth.
Grammy had a little problem. She liked to eat sweets. But after she realized how hurtful sweets are and how sugar or syrup makes holes in her teeth she was sad. How was she going to get to have anything sweet ever again?
Grammy usually goes to the Bible to learn what is right and wrong. God tells us His Word is sufficient, that means the Bible can help us make good choices.
The Bible tells us how to have sweets. God’s Word explains that a little honey is OK but to much will make you sick. Grammy can have sweets using honey, but not just any honey. It’s honey that is made by the bees and hasn’t been cooked or changed by people.
So Grammy did an experiment with her helpful friends Emilee and Moses.
They were going to test God’s Word. Would God tell us to eat food that would hurt us, would eating honey hurt us by giving us cavities.
 Previous to the test, we all drank some soda, ate some candy and some Cheez It crackers. We sat for 1 hour watching the Leave it to Beaver TV show letting the bacteria grow in our mouths.
Here they are, Moses and Emilee. They are helping to get all the equipment we needed together.
Do you see 4 red circles? Those are called petri dishes. They have a red rubbery gel in them. Do you see the really long Q tips? Those are called swabs.

Moses, Emilee and Grammy made a hypothesis.

The question was, what will happen to mouth bacteria if it is smeared with one of the following:

A. Corn Syrup

B. honey (has been heated and changed from it’s natural condition)

C. raw honey

D. nothing on it at all

They all agreed that the mouth bacteria would grow in all the petri dishes except for the raw honey. The reason being, that God told us we could eat it and as a result, it should be safe for us.


Now they are swabbing their teeth. They are rubbing the huge Q tips along their teeth to get the bacteria onto the swab. After they did that they each smeared a corner of the petri dish with their swab.
It was gross, but it was science.
Here are the finished petri dishes. Each one smeared with mouth bacteria and one of three syrups. We kept one petri dish without any syrup just to make sure that the bacteria could in fact, grow in the dish.
Time passed
Day 2 passed
then came day 3
Can you guess what day came next?
Day 4
and finally
The results …
The no syrup
– lots of bacteria on there … ewww gross!!
The petri dishes changed color from red to greyish
regular honey
– the regular honey that has been heated, meaning that it is no longer raw honey, allowed the mouth bacteria to grow.
corn syrup
– the corn syrup let the bacteria grow
and lastly …
raw honey
Although the red gel changed color there is NO,
I repeat NO bacteria growing.
The raw honey killed the bacteria.
Moses, Emilee and Grammy hypothesized that would happen and it did!
They were right  🙂
Grammy can still have sweets, but instead of using sugar or syrup or regular honey, Grammy will use raw honey, and that will help her teeth stay strong and avoid cavities. You can too.
You can eat foods that make your teeth strong and then when you want something a little sweet, do as God tells you, have a little honey
.. raw honey that is.
Thank you God for providing honey for us to use.


  1. Henry and I just read a book about how the honey bees are dying all over the world. Whole hives just lose their drones. They don’t know why. They have some ideas. Mites, habitat loss and pesticides. We should try to make our yards bee friendly by planting purple and yellow flowers, their favorites. Another interesting idea is that the bees are not getting their time to rest. They get shipped around the country to pollinate different crops, but never allowed that wintertime rest.

    • I am sorry to hear about the bees; they are so beautiful to watch. We will all have to be sure to plant lots of purple and yellow flowers. Nature has a cycle and sometimes we forget that in the name of MORE honey. The local foods I eat are more expensive than the factory foods, that higher price on the local foods reflects the amount of effort required in the production and the limited quantity. That is God’s natural way.

  2. Appreciate thi post. Let me try it out.

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