Which Religion is Right?

“All religions in the world make absolute truth claims regarding the way to salvation…

  • Christians proclaim that salvation comes by gracworld-religionse through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Hindus claim that salvation (liberation) is achieved when a person transcends this world of illusion by building up enough positive karma (good works) to escape the cycle of reincarnation.
  • Muslims state that the possibility of salvation* results from submitting one’s life to Allah and faithfully carrying-out the Five Pillars of Islam.
  • Buddhists say that salvation (Nirvana) is the result of detaching one’s self from the desires of the physical, material world.

Each of the world’s religions claims to promote the true path to salvation, but each of these religions provides a distinct and contrary path from all of the others. Thus, one of these paths to salvation is true, or none of them are true, but they cannot all be true at the same time; this would be a violation of the Law of Non-Contradiction.” *

Watch this video … I like this video because it speaks to my mind, not my emotions. It’s too easy to be swayed by feelings.


{Was Jesus the Messiah of Prophecy … http://www.christianministriesintl.org/videos-world-religions.php}

After watching that video it gave me something to consider. That’s how I came to Christ, through thought. God is so good, that He reaches out to each of us in a way we can hear Him. For Don and I, the Lord used logical thought to bring us to Him.

Every now and again I get a little sidetracked by all the noise of the world and have to go back and relearn why in the world do I think that Christianity is the only way. His Word, and the history of time show me, again and again that God, our Creator is trustworthy.

The happy end to my story is that through the years of walking with my Father, I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. Each event was used by Him to help me grow closer to Him and to become more like Him. I can say that I am a better person today than I was 10 years ago because of the love and the discipline I experienced during my walk with Him. You know, the Bible tells us that God wants all to come to Him. If you haven’t come to Him yet but would like to know more about Him and how to have a sweet walk with Him, contact me. I would be happy to show you what I have learned.


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  1. Beautiful picture of you. Hooray for you to reach out and share Jesus!

    • Thank you, Kathy! You are so nice 🙂
      I am so happy I get to reach out and share about Jesus. I love Him so much, I would hope everyone would get that sweet blessing.

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