Tai Chi

Today I will start my 30 day Tai Chi program.

I tend to start and quit things so I have made a goal. I have 2 mason jars, one with 30 $1 bills and one empty. I want a new top to go with my new skinny jeans so, for everyday I do my exercise I will put $1 into the other mason jar .. but here is my catch .. if I miss a day, I have to put all my earned dollars BACK into the first mason jar and start over. Grr. I hope I don’t do that at all!

photo (64)

Here is a cool video to show you how great I am going to be moving … in about 3 years.


  1. Hi Mary!
    I’ve been considering Tai Chi for several years, because it looks like it builds strength, balance, and agility…without using bone jarring movements. Do you have a specific video you use?

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