Today I read:

“The righteous is generous and gives

I like to personalize the verses in my journal, I would have written something like

“I am righteous so I am generous and give”

But, I saw the miserly spirit in my heart and although I am righteous by the blood of Christ my trust in God’s faithfulness is continually tripped up by the cares of this world. So, I wrote:

“Lord, Our Father, I am afraid to ask you to give me a spirit of generosity because I don’t trust you to provide what I think I need. I know my attitude is like a stopper on the hose of blessings. Dear Father, remember what you said … “Though he falls he shall not be utterly cast down, for The Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him” So I pray, thank You for grasping my hand, let Your Spirit flow through me, and instead of being stagnant and smelly, make me verdant and refreshing.

After praying to Him and by recognizing my sin I am confident that He will uphold me. I don’t have a full bucket of generosity in my heart right now but in hopeful expectation I will wait for His Spirit to refresh me. I’m still a little afraid but I will trust in Him.

George Augustus Holmes