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Looking Forward

What better way to get exercise then to ride my bike in my delightful neighborhood.

On the “To purchase” list are two important biking components;

the basket, It has to be large enough to carry a few groceries because I plan on riding to Company Shops .

563e6263344504e970db8bf2469dce23Of course I will need a helmet. I am quite particular about which one to have but here is one I have picked out and am seriously considering to buy.


Pink and Blue Floral by Belle Helmets

I think this month I will be feeling the breeze on my face, stretching those lazy muscles of mine, getting in shape and buying groceries from our local coop. It’s a win/win!

{My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou} 


# Cool things

#1 Cool thing … I got my first Scrabble Bingo. I used all seven letters. I have been hoping to do that for months … finally, I got it!

#2. Cool thing, I planted butternut squash from a seed this year and even though our yard is to shady we are growing a baby butternut squash! IMG_0573

 Lastly – and most exciting –

#3 Cool thing, I made my first dollar towards my trip to London. YAHOO!! $1.00 at a time. Sure, my son in law said “Just $4,999 more to go!” but I won’t think about that BEN! Instead, I will be happy that my foot is now on the path.


 Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy! Psalm 47:1 

Fermented Cucumbers

Using cucumbers, sea salt, garlic, a grapevine leaf and spices I am happy to report that I have successfully fermented the cucumbers into pickles. IMG_0207It took about two weeks in my airtight crock pot.

IMG_0435The Pickled cucumbers were crunchy and flavorful. The dill and the garlic added great flavor.

IMG_0436And they look pretty in their bottle. I made fresh brine, added back the garlic and grapevine leaf and now they sit in the refrigerator. They are good for several months.



I am learning about fermentation because I like the idea of using what the Lord gives us in abundance, and by fermenting we can prepare it and keep it close to it’s original state. My rule of thumb is to try to eat the food that is the closest to the hand of God.

If you would like to try this recipe I found it on this site ..

Much Ado About Nothing

A lifetime experience for us! Members of the cast of

Much Ado About Nothing through Studio 1.

much adoWanting to join Elisa in the theater, I was the one who tried out for a part. Don had driven along with me just to give me moral support. I walked on stage, Tami the director gave me a friendly hello then asked “Is your husband here? Do you think he would audition for a part?” I seriously doubted it but he was sitting outside the curtain so I went to him and told him the director would like to see him. Surprised, he went inside. She asked if he would be willing to play a role. Don asked the size of the part and Tami said “Not a bucket full” Don reasoned that shouldn’t be too many lines. He agreed. We laugh now knowing the size of one person’s bucket is a lot different than another’s. Don, who has been plagued with stage fright most of his life was given over 100 lines.

As we journeyed through this episode in our lives, oh my goodness, the tension was high and heavy. Don battled himself and his brain. He was determined to memorize those lines. After hours of study at home as soon as he was on the rehearsal stage with the others his mind went blank. Nothing. He stood there feeling sick. The director called for no book rehearsal. That’s when Richard recommended having a small book that Don could sneak a peak unobtrusively. I cut apart the playbook and glued each of his many pages inside the Bible looking journal. Don carried it around and used it frequently and obviously. There was nothing sneaky about it. Don did great with his contribution in the play, he was all there. He actively playing the part of Leonato the governor, he played the father, the friend, the brother, the deceived and the relieved, but he did while he frequently used his book. It seems the play should have been ruined by that but it wasn’t. The other actors took it in stride. Supporting Don, they treated the book as if it wasn’t even there. Their acting was champion. The energy and emotion took all of us up, down and through the story that was written by Shakespeare. Don needed the book less and less. By the last show (of course, it was the last show) Don didn’t hardly reference the book at all. Because he had become Leonato, the Governor of Messina.

Grand experience. So thankful we made it. I am happy that Elisa encouraged us to be brave and try new things. FUN! Glad it’s over. Whew! Now I am excited to play on my blog and watch movies with Don.

Painting in the background was done by Dale Johnson.




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