We have been working hard on Don’s lines.

At the director’s invitation Don was told that the quantity of his lines were “not a bucketfull” We have now come to appreciate the reality of that statement.

One man’s bucket size is a site bit different from anothers. 


This next picture represents our exciting visit coming in July! I hear rumors that Erin might be coming too! 


Our Luke Bible study sometimes turns into fun with Uncle Benjamin. 


David and Elisa came by to pick up Jasper when they got home from GA. Elisa forgot her glasses.

Oh yeah! I was needing some new sunglasses  🙂 


I saw this collection of vintage pins attached to velvet and framed.

It was really very pretty and unique. 


Evenings after play practice



I know they say you are supposed to be glad for the time, but my heart misses my little kids.

When I see the work they did it makes me miss them even more.

I suppose one day that might change, but for now, it’s a tender spot in my heart. 


Hero and Leonato waiting for their cues.

What fun it is to be part of this production. 


Our reward for hard work. We had diner at Mocso’s … best salmon ever. 

Then we joined many friends and listened to Love and Valor play at the Depot. 

Balmy summer evening. Very enjoyable. 




We picked the BEST blackberries I have ever picked. 

The proprietor was explaining to get the best berry look for the ones full of juice, ready to pop. 

Those are the one that just fall off into your hand. 





IMG_0184 IMG_0186

We are entirely too sidetracked by Scrabble. 

I posted this winning pic because when the student beats the master it’s cause for celebration. 


Cleaning out the shed.

Found Daisy’s things.

I posted it on Instagram with a happy little thought but that was all for show.

I actually cried. 

Lots of changes this last year. 


Which brings me to the land I know so well. 

Self Pity. 

I posted this to remind myself that self pity is outlawed in my mind. 


Today after church Don and I enjoyed a bit of heaven.

Peaches from GA, blackberries from Gibsonville and cream from a local dairy. 

I love Burlington. It’s my own little Mayberry.