Dear Diary,

As Don and I were having a relaxing Father’s Day, sitting on the porch playing online Scrabble who showed up but sunshine herself .. Elisa!

She brought the party. Hugs, presents, food … lots of fun!


Here is a gift from Elisa and David, a container FULL of chips! Yahoo! That was exciting.

Next came from our technology kids, Ben and Kimberly … a digital photo frame that we will fill with pictures of the family.

unnamed (1)

And last, but not least, a t shirt that Don will wear with great delight

… Come and (try to) take it … 

unnamed (2)


Skyping with our Georgia family. Little ones, cute ones, growing up ones and all are happy ones!

unnamed (9)


After a couple hours of watching a movie Elisa helped her dad with his lines as the Governor ..

unnamed (7)

Another highlight were the  phone conversations with Kimberly and Benjamin.

The evening was a perfect comfortable temperature, the birds were singing in the trees and

we played with our wild little kitty, Peter.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (5)

Dinner came and we had grilled ribeye … oh my goodness … melted in our mouths.

unnamed (4)

Lastly, and she left it here .. oh my! The best cheesecake I have tasted in the longest time. mmm. WOW! Fresh blueberries .. There is still half left, I hope she comes and gets it REAL soon.

unnamed (6)

Don had such a wonderful Father’s Day. Lots of love and time of relaxation. He deserves it.

Psalm 63:3

Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you. 

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