Dear Diary,

Today was Allied Shelter. It’s a friendly, clean shelter for folks that need help. They serve lunch and dinner. Ed is the cook. Oh my goodness!! Mmm.. Ed can make some gooood food. He plans delicious meals with what has been donated. He takes plain ole food, adds spices and voila it’s YUM. He gave me a little taste of the pork chop today. He had to make over 100 of them and they were moist and flavorful. I need to learn from that man.

photo 1 (2)

Ed, the marvelous cook.

The folks that came in to eat today were varied. There were the stereotypical folks .. kinda disheveled, carrying bags but it blesses my heart to see their shining faces when I give them the food. Often times they will look me in the eye and with a spark of light tell me thank you. There were some folks that seemed to be better dressed and more put together that came for the free meal. Sometimes travelers will come have lunch. Everyone is welcome so we are glad to have them.

I was on dessert today. I had lots of fun arranging the trays so they had yummy choices. I cut the pieces big too.

photo 2 (3)

My helper showing me the best one.


Don and Kenny


Little guy doing a big job.

There was one unfortunate event. In came a loud, heavy women walking behind a guy … she was very being intimate with him .. the staff women behind the counter called out to her in a loud voice, yelled actually “Don’t you be doin that around here, we got kids in here” The surprised woman laughed out loud, trying to make it all a joke and continued with her behavior. In the end, she stopped but during this event I could see a base lifestyle. Her worldview is completely different than mine. I don’t know her story but I can tell you she comes across as a hardened woman, she laughs and tries to make it a joke but I wonder if she has ever had gentle, authentic love. She was wearing a sleeveless top that covered her middle, she commented to someone that she wondered how is she supposed to do her work if she is covered. My impression is she is a prostitute and feels OK about it. I bet she has seen things I have never seen or experienced … she has a radically different worldview from me. I wonder if she has ever experienced authentic love. She was brass and socially unacceptable, even in her circles. At first I was intimidated by her comfort level with evil but then I saw her sit and eat and my mind changed from being uncomfortable around her to compassion. Likely she is damaged goods. I’m glad the Lord let me see her. Now I can pray for her. You can too!

We ended our service today on a joyful note though. The staff are neat people. They are faithful. They show up and cook, clean, smile and serve. I feel like I am making friends. My next project for them is a wall that has 4 fabric covered squares. On that wall they are celebrating the volunteers. I was asked if I can spruce it up a bit. I am praying asking the Lord to inspire me.

Did you see what Rebekah and I already did?



She did a great job! She made the table and flowers 3 dimensional. It looks really good. I hope folks read it and are blessed.

Great is our God and mighty in power … Psalm 147:5